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Scholarship details

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This scholarship was created to honor Barbara Lomax Hitzelberger for her lifelong dedication to making the Park Cities an exemplary place to live and raise children.  Barbara’s many roles of service to the community include PTA president, the HPISD Budget Review and Strategic Planning CORE committees, as well as president of the Highland Park Education Foundation.  She was the first female to be elected mayor of University Park, after having served as a council member and on a number of University Park committees. This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior girl who exemplifies leadership and service through her involvement in community, school, and service organizations. Donate Now


The Ben Wiseman Scholarship was established in 1963 to honor the memory of Ben Wiseman, principal of Highland Park High School for 34 years.  Based primarily on financial need, scholarship recipients must also demonstrate good citizenship, involvement in school and extracurricular activities and a commitment to community service. Donate Now

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bruce harbour SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship is awarded to a senior who will attend Baylor University in the fall. Criteria include demonstrated leadership, academic excellence and integrity.

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Initiated and supported by Callie’s friends, this scholarship is in remembrance of her joyous spirit.  She handled her cancer for six years with a wink and a smile. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years and is available to a graduating male or female who demonstrates high quality of character, an appreciation of life, and a creative mind with a dramatic flair.  The recipient must have been involved in the fine arts in high school and have plans to major or minor in an area of the arts in college. Donate Now

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Based on academics and activities, this scholarship is in memory of Charles Mauldin Story who died of leukemia after a courageous nine-month battle.  Created by Charlie’s friends, the scholarship remembers this well-liked young man who loved sports and outdoor activities and touched others with his courage, compassion and tenacious good spirits.  This scholarship is awarded to one senior boy each year. Donate Now

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christianne beshara SCHOLARSHIP- hp sports club

Christianne Beshara was a young woman who made a difference in the lives of every person she met. To continue her legacy of impacting people's lives, a scholarship has been created by the Class of 2001 in her name. The scholarship will annually benefit one HPHS senior female who is in financial need and is preparing to attend a college or university. Supported by the HP Sports Club.

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The Curley family has initiated this scholarship in honor of their parents who worked tirelessly and sacrificed so that their children would have the opportunity to pursue their dreams of a college education.  This scholarship is available to a Highland Park High School senior who has been engaged in community service beyond the school requirement and to a student with a challenging financial situation. Donate Now

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dale lawrence SCHOLARSHIP

These scholarships are named in honor of Dale Lawrence, former Superintendent of Instruction for HPISD and former principal of Hyer Elementary School. These scholarships are only given to students who have successfully dealt with a diagnosed learning difference. This scholarship is only available to students whose parents have been members of Park Cities Learning Difference Association for the last two years. Supported by the PCLDA.

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The Darla Hollingshead Highland Belle Scholarship was created to honor the joyful spirit of Darla Hollingshead who delighted in being the mother of two Highland Belles.  The entire family made some of their dearest friendships through their involvement with the team. The Darla Hollingshead Scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduating Highland Belle who exemplifies high academics, enthusiasm and outstanding character. Donate Now

elizabeth toon SCHOLARSHIP

The Elizabeth Toon Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior at HPHS pursuing a baccalaureate or advanced degree at any accredited college or university. The scholarship will be awarded based on achievement, both academic and extracurricular; on service and leadership potential with a special concern for applicants in need. Elizabeth Toon was a loving and caring daughter, sister, family member and friend who was tragically killed in November 2006 by a hit and run driver in Los Angeles, CA. Elizabeth attended HPHS from 1998-2002. She was a varsity cheerleader, community service participant, exemplary student and a leader in the community. Elizabeth was very selfless and always put others first. She was strong in the Christian faith and never wavered from her priorities. Supported by Elizabeth Toon Charities.

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doak walker SCHOLARSHIP - hp sports club

The scholarship was established by the Highland Park Sports Club to provide college tuition assistance to a male or female HPHS senior student-athlete on a financial need basis. Supported by the HP Sports Club.


The friends of Highland Park Alumnus Fred Vehon, HPHS Class of 1985, have created the Biggest Heart Scholarship in his memory to celebrate a graduating senior football player who, like Fred, is a role model for the entire team. By encouraging others to do their best, and by emphasizing team success rather than individual accomplishment, he will have exerted a positive influence upon all with whom he has come in contact. Fred was an earnest and principled man who cared deeply about others. Fred surrounded himself with a large network of loving friends. This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior football player who exhibits commitment to the team and his fellow athletes. This is not a scholarship for the star of the team, but instead celebrates the person who has the biggest, positive influence on the entire squad. Donate Now

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Girl Scout Gold Award SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship will be awarded annually to a current member of Girl Scouts who has received the Gold Award. Selection will be based upon academics and character, as set forth in the wording of the Girl Scout Promise. On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.  Donate Now

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This Scholarship is awarded to Senior Belles or Managers who represent the values, character, traditions, leadership, and legacy of the Highland Belles Drill Team. The recipients are those who are recognized by their peers for adherence to the team covenants of sisterhood, integrity, and commitment as well as overall contributions to the Belles and HPHS. Donate Now

hp class of 1961 SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship is given to a senior to help defray college expenses. The scholarship is based upon financial need, academics, citizenship and service to the school and community.

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hp literary festival/fred damiano SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship was originally created by HPISD students and parents to honor Fred Damiano in appreciation for the difference he made in the lives of his students.  Applicants need to have been published sometime during their HPHS career in the Tartan, the Bagpipe or similar outside publication or have been a finalist in the HP Literary Festival writing contest sometime in their HP career (top 10 in one of the three categories). The successful applicant must also have demonstrated his or her commitment to the school through involvement in the HP Literary Festival student committee, the Tartan, the Bagpipe or some other literary event. Supported by the HP Literary Festival.

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hp sports club presidential SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship has been established to honor the efforts of past Presidents of the HP Sports Club who saw a need for financial assistance to deserving graduating seniors each year to assist in the cost of a college education. The scholarship is a need based scholarship awarded each year to a male or female scholar athlete who is preparing to attend college. Supported by the HP Sports Club.

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hphs ALUMNI association SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship for a graduating senior whose parent or grandparent graduated from HPHS.  This scholarship is based on academics and school involvement. Donate Now


This scholarship was initiated by the 2007 football team members and their families to recognize a graduating senior football player who has been an inspiration to the team by clearly demonstrating his commitment, not to his own success, but to that of the entire team and its members.  The recipient is an example of hard work, unselfishness and loyalty that was demonstrated by the overachieving 2007 football team. Donate Now

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James John "JJ" Kent SCHOLARSHIP

James John "JJ" Kent was a graduate of the HPHS class of 1991.  He passed away in 2017 following complications from heart surgery.  While at Highland Park, he was very active in the Field & Stream Club, which was founded by his grandfather Will D. Greer, and was a member of the HP Varsity Soccer team.  After graduating from Texas Tech University, he established his own outfitting and hunting guide company, Kent Outdoors, LLC,  This scholarship will be available to a student (boy or girl) who has shown a love for the outdoors and exemplifies good stewardship of land and wildlife resources and has demonstrated an interest in hunting and fishing as well as wildlife management. Donate Now

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This scholarship was established in 2007 in loving memory of Jason Duck, a 2000 graduate of HPHS, by the generous donations of friends and family.  Jason will be remembered for his free spirit, his easy smile and his uncanny ability to make others smile in return.  The awarding of this scholarship will be influenced by the applicant’s community involvement, extra curricular activities and his or her ability to overcome adversity whether through learning differences or personal tragedy. Donate Now

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This scholarship is awarded in memory of John and Eileen Howie and their generous and dedicated volunteer work for their community.  The scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior and to a teacher who best exemplify the spirit of community involvement and service that was so much a part of the lives of Eileen and John. Donate Now

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The Krissi Holman Scholarship is given in memory of Kristin Loyd Holman who passed away in May, 2004, four days before her classmates graduated from HPHS.  Krissi graduated 2 weeks before in a special ceremony at her home provided by her friends and the HPHS staff.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a senior who is active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and who demonstrates strong commitment to those less fortunate with an optimistic outlook and proactive goal. Donate Now


This scholarship was established in 2002 by a generous bequest from Mr. L.E. (Luke) Marshall and his wife Evadna (Boots) Marshall.  Luke was born in Dallas in 1913 and lived there all of his life, with the exception of the time he served in the Army during WWII. Boots was born in Kansas, but also lived in Dallas for most of her life.  Luke and Boots did not have children of their own, but delighted in the children of friends and neighbors. Based primarily on financial need, this scholarship is available to any graduating senior at Highland Park High School, alumni of Highland Park High School, and to employees of the school district and their immediate families. Donate Now

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linda raya fine arts memorial SCHOLARSHIP

The HP Arts Scholarship is awarded to a senior who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in Fine Arts by studying the same fine art for four years and who plans to continue this study in college. This scholarship is open to any student who has taken four years of the same fine arts class at Highland Park High School. Supported by HP Arts.


The Martha Mary Stewart Scholarship is in memory of this forty-year teacher at the middle school.  Her sister, Dorothy Stewart, created it to help students “endowed with a strong and abiding interest in the study of history and the geography of our world. Donate Now

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This scholarship has been created by a former student, Adam Beshara, to honor Mary Dillard, a master teacher of English in HPISD.  This scholarship will be based upon academic ability.  Special consideration will be given to a student who demonstrates a special interest or talent in English, writing or poetry. Donate Now

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Mary Margaret Malloy graduated from Highland Park High School in 2005.  She was a National Merit Scholar, a member of the Belles, an editor of the Bagpipe, and the president of Best Buddies.  She participated in numerous other activities in the school and community.  She attended the University of Texas at Austin in the Plan II program.  Mary Margaret passed away in 2008. This scholarship is intended to recognize a student with her passion for academic achievement, balanced with her passion for community service. Donate Now


Matt Roberts (class of 2000) was the first of three siblings to participate in, and love, the Highlander Band. An unassuming guy with an infectious smile, Matt provided confident and encouraging leadership as Section Leader, Pipe Major an d Drum Major. He was a friend to all, most especially to his future wife and fellow bandmate Cameron Hall (‘01). His siblings Emily (’03) and Luke (’07) followed in his footsteps with their love of band and music.The Matt Roberts Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior active in the Highlander Band who embodies the qualities of personal integrity and character, leadership and performance success that made Matt the exemplary band member he was. Donate Now

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Matthew Shamburger was a genius. For those who knew him, this was no hyperbole; it was the truth. Yet, this incomparable bright light, with a twinkle in his ultra-blue mischievous eyes, and a smile that could not only electrify a room, but also could convince even the most level-headed new-found friend to join him on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, was so much more. As an engineering prodigy, Matt built from scratch a full-size glider and an ultra-light airplane – and flew them both.  He was a doting brother who made his younger sister, Mary Margaret, a two-person Ferris wheel when he was only 11, a loving son who restored a vintage car and surprised his mother for her birthday, a songwriter, a singer, and an intrepid explorer of life who became an Eagle Scout and travelled throughout Europe and the Far East. To honor their friend and much-loved fellow classmate, Mason McCamey, Jack Hooper, Holly Bright and members of the H.P. Class of 2002 formed The Matthew Shamburger Scholarship to be awarded each year to a senior who exemplifies Matthew’s  uniquely inventiveness and creativity. Through this scholarship, his friends and family hope Matthew’s meteoric light will continue to shine. Donate Now

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This scholarship has been created by the family and friends of Megan Gallagher to celebrate her life as a scholar and an athlete whose enthusiasm and joy made an impression on all with whom she came in contact.  Megan was an outstanding multi-sport team member who excelled in everything she did, both on and off the court.  The Megan Gallagher Scholarship is awarded annually to a senior girl who has been involved in a varsity sport during her senior year at HPHS. Donate Now

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This scholarship was initiated by the friends of Mike Boone to celebrate his passion for community service, dedication to the Highland Park Independent School District, and his commitment to making this community a better place to live.  The scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduating HPHS senior who exemplifies the commitment to community service and ethical leadership that is such an integral part of the life of Mike Boone.  Service and leadership both in the school environment and in outside activities will be taken into account. Donate Now

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myrtillie bradfield SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship is in memory of a pioneer Latin teacher at the high school. It was established by her sister to assist a graduating high school student achieve his or her college goals. The student needs to have a good academic record, demonstrate scholastic ability, good citizenship, and a financial need, a record of service and strong record of foreign language study. Supported by HPISD

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preservation park cities SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship has been created to promote interest and education in the fields related to historical preservation including history, preservation, architecture and other related fields among the young people of the Park Cities Communities. The Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior at Highland Park High School who plans to study architecture, history, preservation or other related major.

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The Rebecca Buchanan Brimmage Foundation scholarship honors Rebecca’s memory and legacy.  Despite battling cancer during her sophomore, junior and senior years at HPHS, Rebecca graduated on time in May 2017 with honors and before a standing ovation.  Rebecca was the beneficiary of many acts of kindness from the entire HPHS community, as so many contributed their time, effort, and money to “Rally For Rebecca.”  Now, that same community is “Rallying With Rebecca” to continue her legacy by supporting this annual Scholarship that is being awarded to a graduating HPHS senior who has overcome adversity, demonstrated a commitment to community service, and excelled academically. Supported by the Rebecca Buchanan Brimmage Foundation

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sepac peer tutor SCHOLARSHIP

SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Committee) offers a scholarship to a Highland Park High School senior who has worked for a minimum of two years with the high school special education community as an HPHS peer tutor, Best Buddy, or Special Olympics helper. These programs afford the opportunity for both the peer and the special needs student to learn from each other through classroom and extracurricular experiences. Members of these programs model excellent citizenship, teamwork, and a positive attitude. The recipient of this scholarship should demonstrate a desire to help HPHS students with special needs grow academically and socially while achieving their individual goals at school. Supported by SEPAC.

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susan candy luterman & jerry A. candy SCHOLARSHIP

The scholarship was established by Martin Samuelsohn in honor of his beloved niece and nephew, Susan Candy Luterman and Jerry A. Candy. Susan has been an active and involved alumna since her graduation from HPHS in 1961; Jerry is also a devoted Scot from the Class of 1963. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who demonstrates commitment to HPISD through his or her activities. (Please address separate thank you notes to Mrs. Luterman and Mr. Candy.) Financial need will be a consideration.

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suzy rhodes SCHOLARSHIP

The Suzy Groth Rhodes Scholarship was created by her Highland Park High School class of 1963 in gratitude for her outstanding commitment and service to their class and to their school. The scholarship is awarded annually to a senior who has thoughtfully, selflessly, and tirelessly contributed of his or her time, and energy in leadership roles to the graduating class and to service organizations. In addition to service, financial need will also be a consideration.

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This scholarship is given in memory of Tracy Wills who died during her sophomore year at HPHS.  The scholarship is awarded to a senior who exemplifies high academics, outstanding character, and leadership ability.  Special consideration will be given to a student who is involved in the track program. Donate Now

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This scholarship was created to celebrate the memory of Warren Mills Hutcheson, a 2006 graduate of Highland Park High School who was killed tragically on January 1, 2008.  Warren, who was a friend to many, had an inquisitive mind, and found great joy in intellectual pursuits.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a student involved in the Academic Decathlon, Tartan literary magazine, or the HPHS Literary Festival. Donate Now

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willie tichenor scholarship for the arts

This scholarship was created to honor the memory of Willie Tichenor who passed away in March of 2006 of osteosarcoma. Music was Willie's passion throughout his life - he was a glorious singer, whether on stage with his band, CoverStreet, at church or in his car. Willie was insightful, outrageous and full of good ideas and big plans. He regularly accomplished his goals. Through the end, he maintained a strong faith in God. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years for a graduating senior from Highland Park High School who has been involved in the arts for his/her entire high school career, and who has a wish to continue that involvement whether it is as a profession, as an avocation, or simply as a source of entertainment and joy. Donate Now

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Becca Bettis Memorial Scholarship

Created by the members of the class of 2008 to celebrate the life of Becca Bettis, this scholarship honored the legacy of a wonderful young woman who exemplified kindness and acceptance of others in all that she did.  It was awarded to graduating senior girls who, like Becca, had the unique ability to bring people together in class, in activities, and in enduring friendships.

Boogie Blackwell Memorial Scholarship

Boogie was a tall, handsome, and creative young man who was a natural leader. He committed himself fully in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in acts of service. He was an organizer and a person of action, who not only dreamed big, but put his desires into motion and made them a reality. He enjoyed deep and abiding friendships with his classmates and with special friends across the state and world. The Boogie Blackwell scholarship was awarded to graduating seniors at HPHS who were involved in some form of athletic activity, and was committed to activities helping to make the world a better place for those less fortunate. 


Bradley Family Scholarship

A scholarship has been created by friends and members of the community to honor the family of Brad Bradley, long time photographer and friend to all Highland Park students and alumni and his wife of more than 64 years, Betty Bradley, who passed away in July of 2010.  The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior girl who will be attending a private college or university majoring in theatre and/or vocal performance.


Cathy Bryce Scholarship

Dr. Cathy Bryce left a legacy of commitment and excellence to the Highland Park Independent School District. Dr. Bryce, who served as superintendent from 2001-2008, has made a tremendous difference throughout the district, thanks to her limitless energy, strategic thinking, gift for communication, and above all, her uncompromising commitment to each child. She continues to be remembered for her enthusiastic attendance at student competitions and performances, her deep appreciation for parents and community members, and her loyal support for members of her staff. For all of these reasons and many more, the Cathy Bryce Scholarship was created by HPISD administrative team members as a demonstration of their respect and affection for Dr. Bryce. The scholarship was awarded to graduating seniors from HPHS who planned to make a contribution to the field of education. 

Howard Fitch Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor the memory of 1966 Highland Park High School graduate, Howard Fitch. Successful with a career in the insurance business, his passion was for his family, his church, fishing, flying, fixing cars, scouting and his beloved Scots. He was so proud of his two sons and of Texas A&M University and the Corps of Cadets that is seems only fitting that this scholarship was awarded to graduating seniors who attended Texas A&M University and were 4-year members of the Corps.

James Martin Scholarship

James Alexander Martin, IV was born and grew up in University Park where he attended HPISD. While in middle school, he played football and basketball. His first musical effort was on the piano, and then he learned the clarinet in middle school. When he reached high school he realized he was not big enough for competitive sports, so he concentrated on academics and band. He was first chair clarinet, performed a solo at graduation and was selected to All State Band. He went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he had enough advanced credits to take a music course as well as the normal requirements for electrical engineering. This scholarship was awarded to outstanding band students at HPHS who held first chair in a section and the had the highest GPA of all similar first chair seniors.

Kellis G. White Scholarship

Established in 1992 upon the retirement of Kellis G. White, this scholarship recognizes his years of invaluable service and special contributions to generations of students. The first scholarships were awarded in 1993. Individuals chosen should be athletes who are truly "unsung heroes" and deserve recognition for contributions that typically go unnoticed publicly. Selection criteria include three years of participation in HPISD extracurricular activities between grades 7-12, quality of character, unselfishness in participation, and the giving spirit personified by Kellis White.


Larry Jackson Scholarship

This scholarship is created by his former students to honor the memory of beloved teacher and mentor Larry Jackson.  Teaching was one of his greatest gifts and greatest joys. He considered his students his customers because he served them.  He treated them with the utmost respect deserved by a young adult, a valuable creation. He never hesitated to tell them he loved them. In return, his students were his biggest fans.  The scholarship is awarded annually to a student with a special interest in Economics both in high school and in college, or to quote Mr. Jackson, “The Economic Guru.”

Lauren Christine Huddleston Memorial Scholarship

The Lauren Christine Huddleston Memorial scholarship is be awarded to a graduating senior exhibiting a strong work ethic and involved in community service. Lauren, a 2000 HPHS graduate, was tragically killed while jogging on the Katy Tail in 2010. She was a member of the National Honor Society, a National Merit commendee, and a member of the Belles. Faith-based mission work was one of her highest priorities.

Linda Groseclose Scholarship

Sponsored by former teacher and administrator, Linda Groseclose, this scholarship is a tribute to the dedication of HPISD teachers, staff, and administrators. It will be awarded annually to a graduating senior of current HPISD employees to assist in paying the cost of attendance at their chosen college or university. Selection will be based upon community involvement, school related activities and the student's demonstrated ability to make strong, meaningful decisions in their lives.

Nightingale Scholarship for Nursing

Lead by the efforts of former HPISD nurse, Debbie Malloy, the Nursing and Health Services Staff of HPISD created the Nightingale Scholarship to assist senior students entering the nursing profession.

Patrick O'Boyle Scotsmen Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor the spirit of Patrick O’Boyle, Super Scot 2008. Patrick, who was born with Down Syndrome, has overcome obstacles in his life to become an inspiration to his classmates, friends and the community.  The coveted role of “Super Scot” was resurrected to celebrate Patrick’s spirit and loyalty of Highland Park High School. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior boy who exemplifies the character, integrity, enthusiasm and loyalty that Patrick, and the rest of the Scotsmen Team, display every day of their lives.

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