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Mad for Plaid Founding Donors

Unparalleled in their generosity, the donors listed below have been supporting the mission of the Education Foundation through Mad for Plaid since its inception in 2003. For over 20 years, their commitment year after year to our teachers, students, and community has impacted countless lives. 

We cannot express how grateful we are for the depth of thoughtfulness and support that exists among these supporters.

Listed in alphabetical order

Becky and Tom Abbott

Lynn and Bob Abbott

Laurie and Mark Aldredge

Gayle and Bob Allison

Anne and Larry Angelilli

Susan and Jim Baldwin

Margie and Phillip Bankhead

Bill and Susan Banowsky

Linda and Jay Barlow

Christy and Stephen Barnes

Gayle and Jeff Barnes

Linda Barton

Jayne and David Bass

Carla Bass

Cyndi and Mark Bassel

Martha Lou Beaird

Steve Beckham

Lisa and Scott Bedford

Cynthia and Louis Beecherl

Kay and Will Beecherl

Peggy and Huston Bell

Carolyn and Gary Bender

Sue and Pryor Blackwell

Beth and Lanny Boeing

Denise and Richard Bohac

Jane and Pat Bolin

Cordelia and Tom Boone

Marla and Mike Boone

Julie and Bill Borus

Sara and Gil Brandt

Pam and Jeff Brawner

Nicola and Andreas Bremer

Julie and John Broad

Gail and Jim Browne

Carla and Stuart Bush

Margaret and Syd Carter

Gene and Nancy Carter

Stacy and Bill Cobb

Jenifer and Jeff Cody

Janis and Roy Coffee

Sally and Mallory Collins

Lori and John Collins

Leslie and George Conant

Laurie and Mark Connell

Maura and Tim Costello

Rhonda and Roger Cowie

Martin Cox

Sarah and Bob Crotty

Lucky and Brooks Cullum

Bev and Larry Dale

Carol and Sam Dalton

Barbara and Richard Daniel

Gretchen and Doug Davies

Sally and Dick Davis

Frann and Jack Davis

Lillian and Tony Dona

Charlotte and Kirk Dooley

Carrie and Dan Easley

Karen and Chuck Edwards

Claire and Dwight Emanuelson

Junior and Ed Esquivel

Susan and John Farris

Beth and Forest Felvey

Elizabeth and Ernie Figari

Michelle and Lex Fitzenhagen

Ellen and Paul Flowers

Julie Forrester

Carol and Joe French

Wendy and David French

Kathryn and Chuck Fuquay

Sara Lee and Stan Gardner

Judy and Jim Gibbs

Jane and Mark Gibson

Jill and Bruce Goldberg

Margo and Bill Goodwin

Stephanie and Bob Goodwin

Prissy and Warren Gravely

Amy and Phillip Gray

Diane and Bill Gribble

Elaina and Gary Gross

Lauri and Mike Hainsfurther

Mollie and Bob Halpin

Randi and Ed Halsell

Sally and Steve Hanna

Cindy and Art Harding

Dana and Jackson Harkey

Nancy and Howell Harralson

Juli and Bob Harrison

Susan and Jack Hawkins

Carol and Jeff Heller

Catherine and William Helmbrecht

Kitty Henry

Beverly and Joe Hickman

Judy and Jeff Hinson

Gretchen and Karl Hirschey

Barbara Lomax Hitzelberger Wooten*

Susan and Leon Holman

Sally and Houston Holmes

Margaret and Doug Hunt

Nancy and Herbert Hunt

Don Iglehart

Jane and Pat Jenevein

Sally and Terry Kelley

Kathy and Kevin Kelley

Patty and Jim Ken

Cindy and Guy Kerr

Anita and Rainer Khetan

Roger Khetan

Lisa and Jeff Kilpatrick

Ginny and Chris Klimko

Jo Ann and Darrell Lafitte

Suzanne and Don Laidlaw

Sally and Olin Lane

Keith Laycock

Ann and Jorge Leis

Melora and Bill Leiser

Catherine and Chuck Lundberg

Debbie and Craig Malloy

Becky and Bob McCamey

Jill and Bill McClung

Barbara and Mike McKenzie

Ellen and John McStay

Leslie* and Jim Melson

Larry Meltzer

Bob Meyers

Lee and Paul Michaels

Sharon and David Miller

Melissa and Bill Minick

Elizabeth and Steve Modory

JoAnne and Eddy Moore

Marcia and Lee Mootz

Ruby and Clifton Moran

Melinda and Skip Moran

Cathy and George Morgan

Winifred and Will Mundinger

Julie and John Murray

Pam and Bob Myers

Mardi and Allen Myers

Jennifer and Noble Nash

Teri and Cecil Nettle

Pauline and Austin Neuhoff

Judy and Tom Neuhoff

Libby Norwood

Julie and Michael Nunez

Susanna and Van Ogden

Connie and Chris O'Neill

Barbara and Steve Orr

Donna and Jeff Osborne

Sherri Owen

Paul and DeEtte Peters

Holly and Phillip Philbin

Jane and Chick Pierce

Angie and Paul Pirok

Anne and Blake Pogue

Joan and Robert Pollock

Nancy and Foster Poole

Chris and Joe Popolo

Gwen and Gage Prichard

Cheri and Lev Prichard

Sherri and Paul Pulliam

Betty and Lee Radford

Diane and Steve Ramsey

Chuck and Karen Reeder

Christie and John Reniger

Suzy and Tom Rhodes

Phyllis and Rod Riggins

Randa and Doug Roach

Claire Roberts

Kristy Robinson

Lee and Lou Schaufele

Jenni Marks Scoggins

Nancy Seay

Susan and Carlos Sepulveda

Marcia and Don Shannon

Priscilla and Steve Shellenberger

Lisa and Jon Skidmore

Marilyn and Wade Smith

Luellen and Steve Smith

Sandra Snyder

Ann Spillman

Barbie and Tommy Stewart

Tricia and Tom Stewart

Michele and Robert Stiles

Carol Stollenwerck

Jean and Mike Streepey

Janny and Warren Strickland

Bill and Sharon Strother

Ann and Jeff Swope

Joe and Mary Taylor

Bonnie and Doug Thompson

Jere Thompson

Lisa and Mac Tichenor

Camie and Mark Todd

Tricia and Randy Touchstone

Carol and Gifford Touchstone

Neill and Kathy Touchstone

Cindy and Glenn Turner

Wendy and John Vandermeer

Mills and John Walter

Jean and Tom Walter

Jan and Athol Ware

Lori and David Watkins

Cindy and Tony Weber

Tina and Guy Weintraub

Ellen and Andy Welch

Brenda and Bob White

Marnie and Kern Wildenthal

Roberta and Jack Williamson*

Jane and Clark Willingham

Tiffa and Bill Wilshusen

Zazelle and Richard Wingo

Valinda and Steve Wolfert

Diana and Alex Wong

Kim and Frank Woosley

Karen and Scott Yaguchi

Linda and Brooks Yates

Polly and Gerry York

Karen and John Young

* Recognized posthumously

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