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Tartan Endowment

Establish a legacy with the Tartan Endowment

The Tartan Endowment provides permanent financial stability for future generations of Scots.

Learn more about our greatest needs, the different funds,

and how to donate below.

To view the generous donors to all our Tartan Endowment Funds, visit the Tartan Donors list.

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Sustaining fund

Athletic fund

Support our greatest needs

The Sustaining Fund is our most critical endowment fund that helps meet the greatest needs of the Education Foundation and Highland Park ISD. Due to the uncertainty of state funding from year to year and the variability in annual fundraising efforts, the Sustaining Fund is the key to achieving long term, financial independence for our great district. 

Support the academic and active needs of district-wide athletics

Thanks to a collaborative partnership among the Foundation, HPISD Athletics Department, and Sports Club, the Athletic Fund offers a unique way to support the athletic and educational needs of our students. Gifts to this fund are split, with 65% of the fund assisting the operational needs of Athletics, which are often at risk with budget cuts, and 35% of the fund assisting the general endowment and the district's greatest needs. The Athletic Fund recognizes that every athlete is a student, and every coach is a teacher.

faculty fund

Support district-wide faculty needs

Over 80% of HPISD's budget is spent on human capital. Our Faculty Fund provides important support for the district to recruit and retain the best and brightest educators and administrators for our students. One of the key ways our Faculty Fund helps is by granting funds for bottom-line budget salary support, without which the district would face budget cuts. Please consider donating to one of our existing funds! Minimum to establish a named fund is $25,000.

Donors supporting district-wide faculty needs

William P. Clements, Jr. Fund

Established in 2019 by the Clements Foundation to support the ongoing, greatest needs of HPISD faculty

Judy and Jim Gibbs Fund

Established by Judy and Jim Gibbs to support district-wide teacher and staff salaries

Eileen and John Howie Fund
Established in loving memory of Eileen and John Howie to support HPISD teachers and staff with the annual Howie Award and senior scholarships.

Program fund

Support specific programmatic needs

The Program Fund is composed of donor-designated funds that meet various programmatic needs and interests of HPISD. From mental health to the arts to an endowed Distinguished Chair program, the Education Foundation works closely with the District to align donor interest with educational needs to ensure our Program Fund is making a helpful impact on our student body. Please consider donating to one of our existing funds! Minimum to establish a named fund is $50,000.

Donors supporting specific programmatic needs

Armstrong PTA

Supports special needs and projects at Armstrong Elementary as identified by the Armstrong PTA

Armstrong Dad's Club

Supports special needs and projects at Armstrong Elementary as identified by the Armstrong Dad's Club

Connolly Master Teacher Chair
Established in honor of Dr. John Connolly, supports funding for the John Connolly Distinguished Chair for Humanities at Highland Park High School

Highland Belles Angel Fund

Established in 2017 by Suzanne Humann and Janis Wells, this fund supports the financial needs of Highland Belles team members and team managers

HP Centennial Dance Fund

Established in 2013 as a student-driven, parent-guided fundraiser, this fund supports the needs of Highland Park High School, which currently includes three Distinguished Chair positions in STEM (2) and Cultural Studies

Jan P. Whitcomb Arts Fund 

Established in memory of Jan Davison Whitcomb, this fund supports HPISD needs in Fine Arts

Janelle and Adam Hickey Fund for Special Education

Established to meet the greatest unmet academic needs of students and teachers, across all grade levels of Special Education, while always promoting the inclusion and wellbeing of Special Education students

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas
Supports two Distinguished Chair positions at Highland Park High School: the La Fiesta Distinguished Chair for STEM and the La Fiesta Distinguished Chair for the Arts, in honor of Linda Raya

Lee Michaels Student Wellness Fund
Supports HPISD's ongoing efforts to support and promote student health, including mental and physical health, stress management, and substance abuse intervention

Linda Raya Fine Arts Fund
Supports the Fine Arts program at Highland Park High School

Louis Powers Technology Fund
Supports the technology needs of Hyer Elementary


Lynda Carter Literacy Fund

Established in memory of Dr. Carter, supports the ongoing needs of the University Park Elementary library

Palmer Science Fund
Supports the greatest needs of the Science Department at Highland Park High School


Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society
Supports the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society Distinguished Chair for History at Highland Park High School

Susan Rhoads HPHS Library Fund

Established in memory of Susan Rhoads, who served as HPHS head librarian for 28 years. Supports the needs of Highland Park High School's library.

Scholarship fund

Establish a higher-ed scholarship for HPHS seniors

The Education Foundation grants more than $100,000 in scholarships to graduating HPHS seniors each year.


To learn more about our scholarship program and view a listing of scholarships, visit our scholarship page here.

Minimum to establish a named scholarship fund is $50,000.

Please consider donating to one of our existing funds! - Click Here

Donors supporting higher-ed goals of HPHS seniors

2007 Inspired by Tradition Scholarship

Alumni Association Scholarship

Ben Wiseman Scholarship

Barbara Hitzelberger Women in Leadership Scholarship

Callie Curnes Scholar Award

Curley Family Scholarship

Darla Hollingshead Scholarship

Ford Lacy Latin Prize

Fred Vehon Biggest Heart Scholarship

Girl Scout Gold Award Scholarship

Highland Belles Scholarship

Jason Mahvi Duck Memorial Scholarship

JJ Kent Scholarship

John and Eileen Howie Community Service Scholarship

Martha Mary Stewart Scholarship

Mary Dillard Scholarship

Mary Margaret Malloy Scholarship

Marshall Memorial Scholarship

Matt Shamburger Scholarship

Matthew Roberts Memorial Band Scholarship

Michael Mauldin Boone Scholarship

Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society

Susan Candy Luterman and Jerry Candy Scholarship

Suzy Rhodes Scholarship

Tracy Wills Memorial Scholarship

Warren Hutcheson Scholar

Student Needs fund

Support the needs of current HPISD students

Established in 2020, the Student Needs Fund supports the critical needs of students currently attending HPISD schools, such as support for extracurricular activities and supplies. Each year, the gifts that comprise this pooled fund are read at Honors Day. Any gift to this pooled fund makes a difference! Minimum donation for published donor recognition is $10,000.

Donors supporting the needs of current HPISD students

Bradley Family Fund

Lauren Christine Huddleston Memorial Fund

William R. Janowski, Class of 1952 Fund

You can make a gift of any size to an already existing endowed fund by completing the donation form below and noting which fund you’re supporting in the comment box. If you’re interested in establishing a new endowed fund, please contact us at or 214-780-4060.

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