Tartan Endowment


Establish a legacy with the Tartan Endowment

The Tartan Endowment provides permanent financial stability for future generations of Scots. Learn more about our greatest needs and different funds below:

Sustaining Fund

Support our greatest needs

The Sustaining Fund is our most critical endowment fund that helps meet the greatest needs of the Education Foundation and Highland Park ISD. Due to the uncertainty of state funding from year to year and the variability in annual fundraising efforts, the Sustaining Fund is the key to achieving long term, financial independence for our great district. 


Gifts of any size make a huge impact on our ability to spend funds where they're needed most, and you can join our family of Sustaining Fund donors by name with a minimum gift of $25,000 today! Click here to donate now or contact Kyle Arnold, Senior Gift Officer, at or 214-780-3062. 

Faculty Fund

Support district-wide faculty needs

Over 80% of HPISD's budget is spent on human capital. Our Faculty Fund provides important support for the district to recruit and retain the best and brightest educators and administrators for our students. One of the key ways our Faculty Fund helps is by granting funds for bottom-line budget salary support, without which the district would face budget cuts.

For a minimum gift of $25,000, join our family of Faculty Fund donors today and designate your support to meet the targeted needs of district-wide teacher and staff support. Click here to donate now or contact Kyle Arnold, Senior Gift Officer, at or 214-780-3062.

Program Fund

Support specific programmatic needs

The Program Fund is composed of donor-designated funds that meet various programmatic needs and interests of HPISD. From mental health to the arts to an endowed Distinguished Chair program, the Education Foundation works closely with the District to align donor interest with educational needs to ensure our Program Fund is making a helpful impact on our student body.he

For a minimum gift of $50,000, join our family of Program Fund donors today. To learn more about establishing a Program Fund, contact Kyle Arnold, Senior Gift Officer, at or 214-780-3062.


Athletic Fund

Support the academic and active needs of district-wide athletics

Thanks to a collaborative partnership among the Foundation, HPISD Athletics Department, and Sports Club, the Athletic Fund offers a unique way to support the athletic and educational needs of our students. Gifts to this fund are split, with 65% of the fund assisting the operational needs of Athletics, which are often at risk with budget cuts, and 35% of the fund assisting the general endowment and the district's greatest needs. The Athletic Fund recognizes that every athlete is a student, and every coach is a teacher. 

Learn more about how to give to the Athletic Fund today by contacting Lauren Holloway, Executive Director, at or 214-780-4062.

Scholarship Fund

Establish a higher-ed scholarship for HPHS seniors

The Education Foundation grants more than $100,000 in scholarships to graduating HPHS seniors each year. Learn more about how to establish a scholarship fund with a minimum $50,000 gift by clicking here.

To read more about our scholarship program and view a listing of scholarships, visit our scholarship homepage here. Please contact Lauren Holloway, Executive Director, at or 214-780-4062 if you are interested in joining our Scholarship Fund donors.

Memorial Fund

Honor the memory of a loved one and support current student needs

Established in 2020, the Memorial Fund supports the critical needs of students currently attending HPISD schools, such as support for extracurricular activities and supplies. Each year, the memorial gifts that comprise this fund are read at Honors Day to remember the names of those we’ve lost.

For a minimum gift of $10,000, join our Memorial Fund today. Click here to donate or contact Kyle Arnold, Senior Gift Officer, at or 214-780-3062.