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We're proud to gift over $1.5 million
to hpisd for teacher and staff salary support, made possible by you!

Over 2,400 donors gave to the Foundation’s 2021-2022 Mad for Plaid campaign, which enabled us to gift a historic $1,575,000 for districtwide salary support and one-time stipends. Your generosity impacted every teacher at every school to ensure a quality education for every student. Thank you!

Contribution Levels

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$1- $999 

Leadership Society

Visionary ($50,000+)

Clements Foundation

Leslie and Bill Cornog

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas

Katy and Kyle Miller

Luminary ($10,000-$24,999)

Kamela and Kenneth Aboussie

Lori and Jon Altschuler


Carol and Taylor Armstrong

Ben E. Keith Company

Robin and Bernay Box

Stacy and Tyler Burke

MacKenzie and Benjamin Carpenter

Janis and Roy Coffee, Jr.

Carrie and Dallas Cothrum

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Joanna and Zachary Dreyfuss

Judy and Jim Gibbs

Grove Family

The Gwinn Foundation

The Hegi Family

Joanna and David Iliff

Kelly and Todd Jirovec

Luther King Capital Management

McRorie Family

Legacy ($25,000-$49,999)


Kelly and Matt Valentine

Garry Weber


Carolyn and David Miller

Ann McLeod Moody*

Pauline and Austin Neuhoff

Origin Bank

Holly and Phillip Philbin

Kay and Greg Potter

Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones

Tavenner and Sean Rogers

Sheri and Andrew Rosen

Catherine and Tom Sharpe

Jean and Jason Signor

Simon and Louise Henderson Foundation,

     in honor of Reed Rothermel

Slant Partners

Elisa and Stephen Summers

The Trammell Foundation

Julie and Tom Trigg

Mehridith and Jon Venverloh

Westwood Private Bank

Kathy and John Yeaman


Sponsor & Matching Companies

Aethon Energy

Agilent Technologies Foundation


Bank of America Matching Gifts Program

Celanese Foundation

Compatriot Capital, Inc

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Fluor Foundation

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation

Johnson & Johnson Foundation

National Life Group

Nordson Corporation

Perkins-Prothro Foundation

Regions Financial Corporation

The Rosewood Foundation


TEGNA Foundation

Texas Instruments Foundation




Anchor 2



Nancy and John Anderson

Wade Andres

Balestri Family

Beasley Family,

     in honor of Ralph "Red Dog" Jones

Betsy and Rob Borrego

The D&P Foundation, Inc.

Fallows Family

Ellen and Paul Flowers

Kim and Charles Giglio

Meghan and Umrai Gill

The Ginger Murchison Foundation

Natalie and Klint Guerry

Sara and Robert Hallam

Susan and Jack Hawkins

Sarah and Jody Hawn

Kay and Edward Herring,

     in memory of Julie and Louis Beecherl

Margaret and James Herring

Audra and Jamie Hopper

Liz Humphrey

Krishna Family

The Hankins Foundation

Sally and Olin Lane

Anna and Ryan Moss

Sarah and Bob Oliai

Carolyn and Karl Rathjen

Gail and Dan Settle

Kathy Little Shuford

Richard Sowden Family

Tanner Family

Anthony Tarter

John and Susan Wilder Foundation

Melinda and Andrew Woodward,

     Texas Prairieland Foundation



Becky and Tom Abbott

Anderskouv Jarnum Family


Dorota and Todd Baird

Susan and Bill Banowsky

Gayle and Jeff Barnes,

     in honor of John Hinton

Barbara Baxter M.D. and Larry Jones,

     in memory of Paula and David Baxter

Martha Lou Beaird,

     in memory of Dan L. Beaird

Carrie and Jason Becker

Kay and Will Beecherl

Mary and John Beecherl

Mandy and Robert Blount

Pat and Jane Bolin Family Foundation - WFACF

Katrina and Houston Bolin

Marla and Mike Boone

Mary Brigham

Ting Cai

Tim Cantrell

Carmack Family

Leslie and Chuck Carroll

Linda and John Caruth

Cheryl and Sam Chantilis,

     in honor of the HPISD School Board

Jenifer and Jeff Cody

Carol and Sam Dalton

Janese and Rick Deitch

Ben and Lindsey Doramus

Marsha and David Dowler

Amanda and Joseph Drysdale

Clay and Chelsea Duvall

Linda and Joe Fowler

Christine and James Frary

Tara and Mark Freeman

Generale Family

Doyle and Somer Glass

Margo and Bill Goodwin

Michelle and Houston Hall Family

Sally and Steve Hanna

Jill and Jason Harvey

Kathy and John Herring

Janelle and Adam Hickey

Sally and Houston Holmes

HPHS Class of 1980

Niki and Scott Hudson

Mrs. Caroline L. Hunt,

     in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Allen

Katherine and Doug Jackson

Jane and Pat Jenevein

Mark Johansen

Leslie and Rob Kibby

Teresa and Luther King

Shirley Kochman

Amy and Mark Kovac

Keith Laycock

Christina and Jason Lindwall

Genie and Richard Litton

Ellen and John McStay

Jim Melson

Kim and Gregory Miller

Mootz Family

Nadeau Family

Jennifer and Noble Nash

Alice and Erle Nye

Nancy O'Neil and John Q. Stilwell

Charla and Paul Parette

Elaina and Chris Peterie

Colette and James Pike

Starr and Chris Pitzer

Anne and Blake Pogue

Patsy and Bud Porter

Natalie and Douglas Prieto

Michael and Miriam Richard

Julie Lin and Richard C. Rosalez

Carole Sandefer

Laura and Wilson Sands

Karin and Mark Shoffner

Belle and Kevin Six

Alice and Jim Skinner

Vanessa and Stephen Sloan

Sandra E. Snyder,

     in memory of Leslie Melson

Jonathan and Leah Stearns


Ann and Jeff Swope

Mary Ann Talley

Bonnie and Doug Thompson

Vargas Family

Alexis and Scott Wagoner

Jacie and Scott Walker

Mills and John Walter

Allison and Mark Withers

Liz and Chris Young

Anchor 3



Lynn and Bob Abbott,

     in memory of Todd Abbott

Christy and Ben Abbott

Sarah Abraham and Tarun Patel

Susie and John Adams

Laurie and Mark Aldredge

Melissa and Bret Allan

Melissa and Mike Allen

Marian and David Anderson

Greg Anderson

Andrea and Tim Anderson

Anonymous (6)

Claire and Andy Baker

Susan and Jim Baldwin

Amy and Jayson Bales

Trish and Stan Ballard,

     in honor of Jeff Barrows

     and Wenzen Chuang

Mr. Roland Bandy,

     in honor of Corinne Bandy

Christy and Stephen Barnes

Barrett Family

Shelley and John Bass, and

     Annabelle Bass Fleig, Edward Bass

Beckett Family

Cynthia and Louis Beecherl

Tyler Beeson Family

Carolyn and Gary Bender

Amy and Bryce Benson

Aaron and Ahu Bigbee

Kathy and Jon Bilstrom

Debbie and Richard Binswanger

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bishop

Jennifer and Bill Blankenship

Amanda and Michael Bodwell

Peyton and Jim Bohnsack

Maryjane and Chris Bonfield

Cordelia and Tom Boone

Brett and Tillie Borchers

Chris and Kim Bourdon

Bowers Family

Bradford Family

Bradford Family

Bramhall Family

Stephanie and Bennie Bray

Bridges Family

Patricia and Vernon Brinson

Mr. Lewis Brown, III

Brown Family

Erin Brown

Gail and James Browne

Amy and John Bruns

Betty and Michael Bullington

Michael and Stephanie Byrd

Cao-Hatch Family 

Cele and John Carpenter

Shirley and Pat Carroll

Carte Engel Family

Margaret and Syd Carter,

     in honor of Garry Weber

Nancy and Gene Carter

Brian Casey Family

Cavey Family

Cejka Family

C'Ganti Family

Dr. Claire Chu

Gail and Bob Clark

Douglas M. Coldwell

Susan and Brad Coleman

Aaron and Jenny Coleman 

Robyn and Don Conlon

Jackie Converse

Costello Family

Sherry and Martin Cox

Jennifer and Matt Craft

Crank Family Charitable Fund

     at Schwab Charitable

Russell and Mary Clayton Crow

Crozier Family Foundation

Lucky and Brooks Cullum

Jane and Mike Cumiskey

Megan and Austin Curry

Bev and Larry Dale

Margaret and David Danielson

Jan and Alan Davis

Mary and Weldon Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Denton, Sr.

Laurie and Joe DeSchryver

Lillian and Tony Dona

Dana and James Donahoe

Donaldson Family

Genny and Mike Doramus

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Downie

Laura and Jason Downing

Katie and Dustin Dulin 

Karen and Chuck Edwards

Rene and Lance Edwards

Christi and Jade Edwards

Nancy and Byron Egan

Liza, Jae, Caroline, and Judge Ellis,

     in memory of Susan Rhodes

Alyson and Robert Engstrom

Eppler Family

Dansby and Jonathan Erwin

Junior and Ed Esquivel

The Roy Gene and Pamela Evans Foundation

Toni Evans,

     in memory of Brad Dudley

Steffanie and Eric Evans

Sue and Britt Fair

Liz and Lane Farley

Farrell Family

Dario Ferdows

Candice and Beau Fidler

Mary and John Fleischli

Ashley and Pete Flowers

Mack O. Forrester

Ashley and Brandon Freeman

Suzanne and James Gaberino

Elizabeth and Eric Gambrell

Jennifer and Michael Garberding

Gena Gardiner,

     in honor of Jan Peterson, Tom Trigg,

     and Cathy Bryce;

     in memory of Vicky Hamilton

Sara Lee and Stan Gardner

Marion and Charlie Gates

Jackie and Mike George

Sheila and David Gerhauser

Lynn and Steve Goetz

Stephanie and Bob Goodwin

Ursula and Bill Graham,

     in honor of Sam and George Shelburne

Prissy and Warren Gravely

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Grayson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greenlee

Kay and Bill Gribble

Louise and Guy Griffeth,

     in honor of Fischer Floyd

Marla and Steve Grove

Kelly and Steve Gruber

Debby and Mark Guy

Haag Family

Fanchon and Howard Hallam

Ben E. Keith Foundation

Mollie and Bobby Halpin

Ann and Mark Hardaway,

     The Marilyn Augur Family Foundation

Hardenburg Family

Cindy and Art Harding,

     in honor of Julie Woidneck and Jennifer Caldwell

Melissa and Jason Harlow

Andrea and David Hart

Mary and Gene Hart

Harvey Family

Mindy and Chris Hefty

Carol Heller

Cathy Hernandez and Steve Herod,

     in honor of the wonderful faculty and

     staff at UP

Brooke and Rick Herold

Beverly and Rick Herrscher

Laura Rollins

Ann and Doug Higgins

Laurie and Jim Hitzelberger

Collins Hodges

Tara and John Hoover

Ann and Frank Houseman

Marisa and Frank Howard

Howard Family 

HPHS Class of 1990

HPHS Class of 2010

Mimi and Ward Huey

Margaret and Doug Hunt

Betsy and Houston Hunt

Elizabeth and Taylor Hunt

Nancy and Herbert Hunt

Inman Family

Sue and Jimmy Irish

James Family

Margaret Jenna and John Dalton

Susan and James Jennings

Robert and Kelly Johnson

Eric Johnson and Family

Carolyn and Pete Joost

Keeley and Jon Jurgovan

Kaminsky Family 

Andrea and Ken Kavanagh

Kelly-Wiseman Family

Elizabeth and Mike Keogh

Cindy and Guy Kerr

Kershaw Family

Khetan Family

Roger S. Khetan, MD,

     in honor of Ms. Riley Khetan

Kirby Family

Drs. Laura Klesse and Kevin Morrill

Erika and Florian Kohl

Cindy and Greg Kozmetsky

Kruger Family

Lynn and Randall Kurtz

Joann and Darrell Lafitte,

     in honor of Lafitte grandchildren

Jennifer Lake

Jane and John Lancaster

Kami and Darrell Lane

Ellen and Paul C. Lee, Jr.

Julie and Bob Lilly 

Natalie and CJ Lorio

Penny and Paul Loyd

Catherine and Chuck Lundberg

Heather and Kevin Luu

Liz and James Lynch

Harriet and Doug Maclay

Makris Family

Amy and Michael Malone

Manzo Family

Mitch Martin Family

Anne and Preston Massey

McArtor Family

Mrs. M. A. McBee

Meredith and David McBee

Tricia and Michael McClure

Laura and Jeff McCoy

Carol and Patrick McEvoy, Jr.

Mary McGee

Dr. Francis K. (Mac/Laddie) McGinnis III

Polly and Dan McKeithen

Philip and Lindsay McKnight

Arthur E. McLean

Anne and John McPherson

Elise and Daniel McVeigh

Melech Family 

Messina Family

Dr. John and Radha Michels

Becky Ragan Middleton

Mary Jean Miles,

     in honor of Eugene Britt Butler

Miller Family

Chris and Lana Miller

Milner Family

Pleas and Susan Mitchell

Kristin and Andy Mitchell

Elizabeth and Steve Modory

James D and Kay Y Moran Foundation

Cathy and George Morgan

Jill and Dave Morrison

Carrie and Jason Morski

Judy and Jack Myers

Neblett Family

Jodi and Brian Neitzel

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Neuhoff

Neha and Rajiv Nijhawan

Nunley Family

Lisa and Bill Ogle

O'Grady Family

O'Rourke Family

Sherri Owen

Allison and Robb Parks

Sherry and Kevin Parma

Kathleen Parsons,

     in memory of Linda Raya

Passanante Family 

Ali Patterson

Pendleton Family

Kelly Perkins

Dana and Jonathan Perlman

Ginger and Jon Petersen

Sloane and Preston Phillips

Troy Phillips

Stephanie and Scott Pinkston

Jean and Mack Pogue

Chris and Joe Popolo

C. Jessie Porter

Michael and Kristen Pratt

Cheri and Lev Prichard

Jessica Bateman Pulliam

Stephen Ratchford

Heather and John Ray

Lisa and Randy Reid

Ashley and Ryan Reid

Mrs. Bevan Brooks Rhine

Paula and Wally Rhines

Anne and Scott Richardson

Micah and Curtis Riddle

Phyllis and Rod Riggins

Susan and James Riley

Diana and Trip Rodgers

Stewart Rogers

Delaney and Charlie Rolfe

Karen and Bob Roth

Michele and Shad Rowe

Marcy and Stephen Sands

Mark and Lauren Schultis

Dusty and Ashley Schultz

Julia and Blake Schwarz

Debbie and Ric Scripps

Marti and Steve Scruggs

Michael Sealy Family

Alisa and Clay Sell

Service Family

William Shaddock

Fay and Dan Sheehan

Brooke and Aaron Shelby

Stephanie Shelby

Betty and Rob Shiels

Shippey Family

Short Family

Suzanne and Don Singleton

Donna and Andy Small

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Smith

Carol and Steve Smith

Mrs. Ben Sparkman

Elizabeth and Drew Speicher

Spillman Family

Stewart Family

Kay and Mack Strother

Michael and Karen Stroup 

Struthers Family

Sweet Family

Tait Family (Michael, Kate, Brooks)

Jill E. Tananbaum Family

Mary and Mike Terry

Callie and John Thomas

Amy Susan Titus

Tolleson Family Foundation

Torgan Family

Carol and Gifford Touchstone

Tricia and Randy Touchstone

Trusler Family

Litty Turner

Gail and Gerald Turner

Lori and Jeff Turpin

Vandercook Family

Vaughn Family

Bob and Michele Vicente

Carr and Meghan Vineyard

Gina and Marc Waco

Dr. Matthew Ryan and Ms. Alexandra Wagner

Jaime and Evan Wall

Selina Wang and Sally Wang

Shannon and Clinton Warren

Pat and Pat Weber

Weinberg Family

Stacey and Cam Welch

Betsy and Corey Welp

Westcott Family

Ms. Marisa Whitaker

Kristina and Phil Whitcomb

Brenda and Bob White,

     in honor of Carolyn and Randy Allen

Angelique and James Whitehurst

Beth and Hunter Williams

Susan and Joel Williams

Kristi and Dan Williams

Charles and Paula Wills

Elizabeth H. Winslow

Mojgan and John Withers

Valinda and Steve Wolfert,

     in honor of Anthony Kemp at HPMS

Diana and Alex Wong

Doug Woodward

Woram Family

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin York

Donna and Chris Young

Joe Ysbrand and Brittany Chisenhall

Zaner Family

Zhu and Lou Family

Anchor 4



Abbara Family

Paulette Abbas and Kris Seelbach

Joy Faye Adam

Laura and Paul Adams

Michael Addison

Dianne and Jack Adleta

Jayne and John Alford

Jill and Bryan Allison

Dyan and Bob Anderson

Anonymous (5)

Anslinger Family

Assar Family

Bagby Family

Sonia Bajwa and Harpreet Singh

Baker Family

Mary and George Baldwin

Jessica and Michael Barnett

Pepe and Larissa Guevara

Julie and Eric Beichler

Kimberly and Alex Bell

Robin and Bryan Benak

George and Molly Benz

Haven and Dana Blake,

     in memory of Dr. Kathleen Byas Harral

Cory and Shane Bowen

Leigh and Robert Bowman,

in memory of Nancy Clyce

Ira and Laci Bowman

Marina and Jim Bradley

Amy and George Hempel

Laura and Travis Briggs

Brimmage Family

Broaddus Family

Rebekah and Chip Brooker

Sarah and Ryan Brown

Clint and Sasha Brown

Carol and Marty Brown

Price Burdine

Betsy Burke

Jane and Carter Butler

Jamie and Arturo Carrillo

Milene and Tassio Carvalho

Barbara and Ben Cervin,

     in honor of Margaret Cervin, Carole Anne          Cervin Axley, William Cervin, HPHS Class of       1960, HPHS Class of January 1956;

     in memory of J. Glenn Turner, Paul Stotts,           Julie Ann O'Connell, Ronnie Roberts,                 Donald Polan, John Rogers, Jr.

Champlin Family

D and J Chan

Chandler Family

Jasper Chen Family

Hema Atluri and Mohan Cherukuri

Robin and Neal Lee

Esther and James Choi

Christian Family

Coale Family

Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Cochran

Defne and Yavuz Colasan

Orit and Jonathan Condos

Julie and Dayton Conklin

Corn Family

Judith Susan Costa

Jennifer and Jason Craven

Brett and Todd Crawford

Crouch Family

Laura and Carlos Cruz

Curtis Castillo PC

Dallas Printing

Drs Jill and Owen Davenport

Christie and Brian Davis


Markay and Pete Deison

Carrie and Kyle Denbow

Jeannie and Nathan Denton

Billy and Katherine Diehl

Diehl Family

Bavita and Neelan Doolabh

John and Catherine Doyle

Droege Family

Jim and Suzanne Duda

Duncan Family

Dyrved Family

Mrs. Caroline Davis Eastman

Whitney and Todd Edwards

Michaele and Paul Eichamer

Ethridge Family

Jennifer and Clay Falls

Tom Ferguson

Finger Family

Fitzenhagen Family

Kay and Richard Floyd

Tom and Roopa Foley

April Ford

Olivia Fox

Francis Family

Fristoe Family 

Fuller Family

Lauren and Travis Furr 

Amy and Douglas Gale

Garretson Family

Ginny and Dick Gay

Gehlbach Family

Amy and David Genender

Susan and Mark Geyer

Eva Gayle and George Gibbs

Lois and Bob Glasgow

Cathy and Ron Goddard

Jill and Bruce Goldberg

Ann Golden

Adam and Kristi Goldenberg

Tara and Grady Goodwin

Irma and Morris Gottlieb

Bunnie "Bun Bun" Graham

Graham Family

John and Cindy Gray

Merikay and Jack Green

Molly and Edward Green

Grider Family

Jessica and Aaron Maxwell

Gaines Griffin

Josh and Jeanie Griswold

Gruber Juntilla Family

Michael Haggar

James Hairston

Tinka Hall

Jan and Bryan Hall

Cam and Scott Hall

Ann and John Hallam

Kimberly's K9 Club, Kimberly Hamilton

Janie and Patrick Hamner

Harbison Family

Beth Ann and Ben Harper

Harris Family

Juli and Bob Harrison

Anne and Troy Hatch

Jan Hein and Leonard P. Todda

Heiss Family

Helm Family

Christopher Hemschot

Henry Family

Alexandra and Tommy Hicks

Melissa and Bret Holland

Sheila and Houston Holmes

Anne and Mike Holt

Barbara Murphy Horn,

     in memory of Betsy and Bill Murphy

Howard Family

Huckaby Family

Jolie and Bart Humphrey

Brittany and Marshall T. Hunt

Diane and Jim Hunt

Ellen and Barry Hyman

Iversen Family

Jackman Family 

Paul Jackson Family

Chris and Heather Jackson 

Jernigan Family

Jill and Bob Jing

Mendy and Frank Judge

Amanda and Rob Kalescky

Ezekiel Kaufman and C. J. Park

Caren and Keith Kennedy

Kentor Family

Andrea and Troy King

Kirby-Prawdzik Family

Sarah and Matt Klein

Jim and Linda Knox

Kobler Family

Konker Family

Meltem and Korgun Koral

Mary and Steve Korby

Denise and Tim Kramer

Lampe Family

Gigi and James Lancaster

Langley Family

Betty and Lance Larsen

Roberta and David Lawrence, Jr.,

     in honor of Harper Lawrence

Gloria and Mack Lawrence

Leatherman Family

Becky McGee Lee and Buddy Lee,

     in honor of Mason Lee

Christine and Frederick Lee

Lee Sun and Jay Lee

Severine Leycuras and Marc McAllister

Meredith and Matt Lockridge

Michael and Jenny Lyons

Phyllis and Bill Mabus

Julie and Dayton Macatee

Maddox Family

Amit and Atisha Manhas

Tori and Joe Mannes

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marquis

Martinez Family

Marvin Family

Mrs. Mathie

Mathison Family

Karen and Charles Matthews

Mazzucchi Family

Christina and Kelly McCain for Ellie

McCallan Family

McCawley Family

Pat and Jay McDonough

Nathan and Alisha McGough

Meredith McKee

Heidi and Richard McKellar

Gretchen McKenzie


Sarah and David McNeil

Eloise and Robert Meachum

Meade Family

Mr. Kirk Meyer

Mrs. Julie Owen Meyer

Elizabeth and Stephen Miller

Miller Family

Emily and Bill Miller

Chris and Shana Millican

Maria Moats

Dr. Jim and Patty Moody

William Moon

Tiffany and Brian Mooney

JoAnne and Eddy Moore

Sandra and Barry Moore

Morgan Family

Natalie and Christopher Mowan

Jim and Olivia Mueller

John and Richelle Munn

Ross and Katherine Murrell

Ruth Mutch

Dwayne Myers

Jennie Nance

Rachel and Nathan Nash

Ryan and Charlotte Nelson

Margaret and Jonathan Neubauer

Aimee Newsom

Bernie and Alberta Nichols

Brooke and Alex Noffsinger

Brian and Ashley Nowak

Lezley and Patrick Nugent

Ann and Jack O'Boyle

Barry OBrien

Rachel and Matt Omundson 

Eric Overton

Pandit Family

Park Family

Gretta and Bob Parks

Jana and Hadley Paul

Debbie and Gary Pearce

Petrone Family

Leslie and John Phillips

Kacy and Alan Pierce

Ms. Catherine Pierce

Nancy Poole,

     in honor of Melissa Poole

Pat and Kelli Primavera

Prine Family

Prous Family

Carma Pruett

Lauren J Purvis

Julie and Wynn Radford

Rapp Family

Barbara Lisenba Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Dustin RItchey

Riter Family

Roach Family

Kari and Tom Rodgers

David and Sha' Roehm

Deborah Johnson Ryan

Carol and Gary Sander

Saphier Family

Liz and Bob Schoenvogel

Schrank Family

Katie and Patrick Schumacher

Lauren and Christopher Sears

Gretchen and George Seay and Family

Shelley and Lawrence Seifert,

     in honor of  Brenna Hart and

     Savannah Poston

Kim and Bill Shaddock

Brian and Rosie Shahkarami

Aarti and Vikram Shakkottai

Matt and Cathryn Shaw

Sherman Family

Shipley Family

Naomi Silva and Aseem Bhandari

Simons Family

Mini Sivadasan and Shambaag Sharma

Mr and Mrs John Slates III

David and Julie Slear

Allison and Ryan Small

Teresa and Billy Smith

Sarah Smith

Smith Family

Jennifer and Christopher Sorrells

Terri Speicher

Staunton Family

Danielle and Chad Stephens

Amy and Kurt Steves

Stimac Family

Story Family

Emily Summers

Allison and Ben Sumner

Swaldi Family

Kara and Eric Swanson

Taverna Family

Jeffrey and Minna Taylor

Hilary and Mark Lynch

John and Jennie Lin

Thibodeau Family 

Thomason Family

Thompson Family

Tobey Family

Diane and Steve Tobin

Denise and Cliff Todd

Bill Tovell

Kien Tran

Trybus Family 

Ullmann Family

Uster Family

Vandervinne Family

Varel Family

Vath Family

Tish and Matthew Visinsky

Gwen and Jack Vollbrecht

Wade and Charlotte Wiles

John and Mary Beth Wagner

Jane Wallingford and Peter Shaw

Margot Wallis

Wang Family

Wani Family 

Julie and David Webb,

     in memory of Margaret Boyle

Weiss Family

Richard and Katie Wells


Marnie and Kern Wildenthal

Nelson Wu

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williamson

Robin and Clay Wilson

Wilson Family

J. David Wimberly

Dan and Jacquelyn Woldert

Victor andVivien Wong

Grace Anne and Ray Woodruff

Writer Family

Linda and Brooks Yates

Ana and Jim Yoder,

     in memory of Dennis Yoder '69

Qing Zhang

Anchor 5



Gwen and Cyrus Abbaschian

Dr. and Mrs. Chris Abel

Sandy and Mark Ables

Coach Randy Adair

Kara and Austin Adam

Cookie and Curtis Adams

Kit and Frank Addleman

Sami and Safin Ahmed

Ajami Family 

Amanda and Ford Albritton

Beth and Jerry Alexander

Diane and Nathan Allen,

     in honor of John Allen and James Allen

Holly Allen

Mr. Court Alley

Gayle and Bob Allison

Pat and Stan Altschuler

Tracy and Al Aly

Karen and Joseph Anderson

Heather and Scott Anding

Peggy and Mark Andrews

Anne and Larry Angelilli

Annett Family

Anonymous (48)

Geralyn Applegate

Blanca and Andrew Applewhite

Lilian Reyes

Sarah and Adeniran Ariyo

Jennifer and Travis Armayor

Mr. Matthew Arnold

Morgan and Kyle Arnold

Steve Arnold

Carole Anne and Chris Axley

Dana Wilcox Ayres

Ayres Family

Charlotte Babb

Sherri Baer-Wilson

Bailey Family

Randy Bailey Family,

     in memory of Craig Sessions

Susan Bailey

Meredith and Taylor Baird

Debby and Richard Baker

Jeff Baker

Kristin Baker

Anne F. Balden

Baldwin Family

Catherine and Travis Baldwin

Bonnie Baldwin

Chasity and Jay Balfour

Andrea and Walter Ballard

Susanne and Bill Bancroft

Banes Family

Margie and Phillip Bankhead

Barbash Family

Kloe and Cyrus Barcus

G.T. and Elaine Barden

Joan and Jim Barklow

Ann W. Barksdale

Linda and Jay Barlow

Barnes Family 

Barsotti Family

Patricia and Louis Bartoshesky

Carla L. Bass

Basso Family

Jean and Walker Bateman

Galen and Rick Bauchman

Alp Bayulken

Turkan Bayulken

Taylor Beach

Cynthia and Brice Beaird

Patricia Beall

Rebecca Beasley,

     in memory of Linda Raya

Beck Family

Karen and James Beck

Mary and Barry Beck

Stacy and Mike Becker

Steve Beckham

Beckner Family

Lisa and Scott Bedford

Mr. Jeffrey Begert

Debbie and Bob Begert

Heather and Keith Behrens

Peter Beitsch

Ralph Belknap

Jill Bellomy

Benitez Family

Daley and Rob Bennett

Paul and Janet Bennett

Cynthia and Robert Bennett

Sharon and Mike Bennett

Berger Family

Berlin Family

Keefe and Allison Bernstein

Priscilla and Bill Berry

Beverly Family

Bi Family

Deborah and Gary Bieritz

Corinne and Jim Billie

Ann and Joe Binford

Beth and Warrie Birdwell

Karla and Dan Bishop

Meredith and Rick Bjorck

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon N. Blackman

Kathleen and Chuck Blanchard,

     in honor of Mary Ann and Robert Kerr

Ashley and Aaron Blanchette

Mrs. Jennifer Price Blevins

Ashley and Mike Blurton

Boan Family

Jeanne and Rhodes Bobbitt

Elizabeth M. Bock

Olivia and Joshua Bock

Lollie Boedeker

Beth and Lanny Boeing

Locie Boggs

Denise and Richard Bohac,

     in memory of Susan Rhodes

Susan Bohner

Emily and Matt Boles


Bornemann Family

Kim Coil Bourgeois

Cynthia and Jeff Bowen

Lindsay DiGiuseppe 

Meg and Chris Boyd

Boyle & Lowry, LLP,

     in honor of Mayor Goodwin

Brack Family

Iris L. Bradley and Floyd A. Stanley,

     in honor of Brad Bradley

Brad Bradley and Jimmy Bradley

David and Christine Pratt

Rebecca Bradshaw

Brady Family

Brandt Family

Philip and Nancy Braner

Gayl and Bill Braymer

Nicola and Andreas Bremer

Nicole Metzger Brewer

Jay Brigham

Bright Family

Briner Family

Diana and Charles Briner

Bill Brinkman

JD's Chippery

Marie and Pete Brookhart

Kathy and Ben Brooks

Taylor and Laura Brooks

Susan and Sam Brown

Suzanne and Ken Brown

Ann and JW Brown

Lindsey and Ryan Brown

Rachel and Coleman Brown

Mrs. Christy Sabin Brown

Carolyn and Charlie Brown

Greg and Denise Brown

Marilyn and Bob Brown

Chad and Rebecca Brown

Brown Family

Renee and Russell Brown

Cindy and David Bruner

Darryl and Lynette Bubrig

Cathy A. Buckner

Andrea and Brad Bunnett

Sam P. Burford, Jr.,

     in memory of Ellen Burford

Carol and Stephen Burke

Mary Frances Burleson

Kathy and Lanier Burns

Debbie Burt

Burton Family

Anne and Matt Bush

Shelby Bush Family

Bush Family

Debra Cahn

Kai Cai and Xian Cheng 

Caldwell Family

Callahan Family

Camillo Family

Barbara Satterfield Camp

Cynthia and Robert Campbell

Ashley Campfield

Suzi and Jerry A. Candy

Susan Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Capp

Nicole and Kyle Cardwell

Carew Family

Mr. Albert Carnes, Jr.

Suzette and Charles Carona

Anita and Sam Carpenter

Carrell Family

Fred Carroll

Sandra and Bill Carroll

Jessica and Steve Carson

Jill and Chip Carter

Joan and Richard Casper

Jenny and Jim Castellaw

Cave Family

Melinda and Blake Cecil

Caren and David Cerutti

Margaret Cervin

Mary and Paul Ceverha

Brandi and Cam Chalmers

Rebecca and Paul Chambless

Teri and Eric Chang-Tung

Zoe and Angelo Chantilis

Charles Family


Laura and Brandon Chavoya

Andrea and Heath Cheek

Yili Wang and Edward Chen

Mr. Min Chen

Kris and Kevin Cherry

Childs Family

Chilian Family

Henry and Claudia Choi 

Julie and Hung Chu

Mary Cynthia and Bill Church

Frank Cinatl

Ann Kutner Marron Clark

Clark Family

Chris Molsen Clark

Nora and Will Clark

Meredith and Bobby Clark

Kelly and Stephen Clark

Clark Family

Cindy and David Clarke

Erin and James Clarke

David and Olena Clarkson

Susan and Robert Claycombe

Tom and Ondine Carroll

Mark P. Clemmer

Mark and Linda Clifton

Rita and Cleve Clinton

Clyce Family

Coady Family

Stacy and Bill Cobb

Coble Family

Annie and Stuart Cochran

Julie and Jim Cochran

Julia S. Coffman

Blanche Coker

Sandy and David Cole

Sara Coleman

Mallory Collins

Lori and John Collins

Susannah Collins

Comeaux Family 

Leslie and George Conant

Conger Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Conly

Laurie and Mark Connell

Kevin Connelly

Parker Connery

Rita and Ron Conway

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cook

Elizabeth and Chad Cooksey

Laura Coomes

Susan Cooper

Cooper Family

Kim and Henry Cooper

John and Michelle Corbitt

Corder Family

Dr. and Mrs.Tom Cornell

Cosgrove Family


Carol Jordan and John Cotton

Sandee Couch

Katie and Greg Van

John and Shannon Cowden

Betty and Mike Crain

William Craine

Cramer Family

Andrea Crane

Betsy and Martin Crawford

Mary and Edward Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. William Crawford and Family 

Craycroft Family

Carla Cree

Mrs. Cheryl Crosby

Illa Crow

Ashley and Tavis Crump

Peter and Heidi Cruz

Katie and Phil Cubeta

Sandra and John Cude

Brooksie Cullum

Cynthia M. Cummings

Bunker and Suzie Curnes

Jim and Kelley Curtin

Kate and Jeff Cutshall

Heidi and Jon Dahlander,

     in honor of Cindy Kerr

Dale Family

Dalrymple Family

Dalton Family

Damonte Family

Barbara and Rich Daniel

Kristin Daniels

Nancy and Dick Danner

Calvin Chan and Tuoc Dao

Vuong and Lori Dao

Danielle and Erik Daugbjerg

Kristen and Todd Dauphinais

Dauterive Family

Brad and Heather Davey

Sally and Dick Davis

Frann and Jack Davis

Lee and Frank Davis

Marilyn and Ed Davis

Elinor and JP Davis

Michael and Lynne Day

Shamir and Divia Dayalji

Eddie L. De Loach, Jr.,

     in memory of Donald R. Polan '55

Mr. and Mrs. Kate Ritchie De Loache and

     Averill De Loache

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Dean

Stephanie and Barrett Dean

Courtney and Doug Denby

Jessica and Early Denison

Patti and Jack Denman

Denman Family

Dennis Family

Maryann and Michael Denton, Jr.

Constance DePaula

Dering Family

Derr Family 

Dana Nahlen and Nathan Deuel

JoAnn and David DeVault

DeVega Family

Victor and Alyson DiBlasi

Melinda and John Dickerson

Jennifer and Allen Dickey

Mr. and Mrs. Cullen Dickey

Diebel Family

Jenny and Brian Dietsch

Shelby DiLena

Mary Dillard

Nicole Diltz

Susan and Fred Disney

Doffermyre Family

Yihui Dong and Min Zhang

Lissie and Steve Donosky

Charlotte and Kirk Dooley

Nancy and Andrew Dorn

Jessica and Matthew Dornak

Stacy Douglass

Jana and Bob Dransfield

Tara Draper

Bonnie and Tom Draper

Laurie and Mark Drazner

Laurie D. Dreyfuss

Lauren and Corey Duhon

Regina Dumar

Dunagan Family 

Gary and Lahna Durham

Durkee Family

Kerry and Will Dyer

Ann and Bob Dyer

Sonny and Kate Dykes 

Edmondson Family

Martha and Mark Edwards

Linda and Cecil Edwards

Sybil and Barry Edwards,

     in honor of Conrad Edwards and

     Colin Edwards

Edwards Family

Amber and Kevin Edwards

Dr. and Mrs. George Ehlert

Dr. and Mrs. Burton Einspruch,

     in honor of Lauren Holloway

Shelley and David Eisenlohr

Elder Family

Joan and Jeff Eleazer

Pat Ellington

Jimmy Elliott

Paige and Curtis Elliott

Arden and Scott Ellis

Ellis Family

Ellison Family

Elmore Family

Georgia Elmore

Jan and Steve Ember

Stephanie and Jonathan Ernst

Evans Family

Lynda and Martin Evenson

Leah and Philip Ewing

Paul and Kathy Fagan

Mr. Richard Fagin

Deb and James Fallows

Donna and Alex Chen

Mr. and Mrs. G. Dale Farquharson

Faulkner Family

Jill and Mike Fawcett

Anne and Alan Feld

Feld Family

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Felvey

Fenton Family 

Judy and Hugh Ferguson

Laura and Malcolm Ferguson

Jana and Hunter Ferguson

Meredith and Corby Ferrell

Ann and Trey Fielder

Fielder Family

Elizabeth and Ernie Figari

Fike Family

Filgo Family

Mrs. Alexander R. Fitzenhagen

Sheila and Mark Fitzgerald

Suzanne and John Fitzgerald

Cynthia and Glen Fitzmartin

Nancy and Sid Fitzwater

Thomas and Kelly Fleming

Tracy and Robb Flint

Barbara and Larry Florer

Martha Floyd

Angela Fontana and Andy Szuwalski

Denise and Randy Ford

Julie Forrester Rogers

Sandy and Carl Forsythe

Laura and Jim Franks

Jo Anne and James Franks

Franks Family

Michael Frantz

Priscilla and John Freeman

Sarah Freeman

Benton Freeman

Laura and John Frenzel,

     in honor of Michael and Robert Frenzel

Sara and Daniel Friedman

Friguletto Family

Susan and Tom Frymire

Suzannah Fuhrman

Chris and Suzi Fuller

Kathryn and Chuck Fuquay

Futerfas Family

Gaebe Family

Galanos Family

Karin and Donald Gale

Gallo Family

Garancis Family


Michelle and Barry Gass

Marsha and Phillip Gearing

Patty and Jim Georgeadis

Steven Gerhardt

Lorie and Aldo Ghobriel

Doug Gibbins,

     in memory of Tom Gibbins and Paul Gibbins

Kevin and Rebecca Gibbs

Gwen Gilbert

Mary Katharine and Martin Gill

John and Lynette Gillis

Stan Gitlin

Karen and Jeff Glassman

Susan and Michael Glassmoyer

Erica Goetz

Bridget and Mike Goldman

David and Kate Goldman

Missie Payne Gooding,

     in memory of Katherine Payne Gooding

Susan and Brad Gordon

Gordon Family

Sam Gottlieb

Rebecca and Joseph Gould

Linda and Rick Goyne

Clare and Jerry Grable

Tricia and C.B Graft

Johanna and Steven Graham

Amy and Nick Graham

Graham Family

Marcus Graham

Greco Family

Carrie and Kyle Green

Green Family

Gina and Scott Gregory

Lyndal and Richard Greth

Diane and Bill Gribble

Sue and Tim Grieve

Shane and Catherine Griffin

Caryn and Jason Grimaud

Mark Gross

Susan and Paul Grossberg

Groves Family

Brandi and Sam Gruner

Pat and B.J. Gruner

Gu and Xia Family

Alfred B. Guinn

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Guinn

Kelli and George Gunn

Guo's Family

Kylie and David Gutzman

Alex Gyr

Haberer Family

Sandra Haddock

Hage Family

Hagen Family

Darla and Steve Haglund

Lauri and Mike Hainsfurther

Mr. Nicholas Hainsfurther

Jeff and Marsha Hale

Paula and Jack Hale

Hall Family

Wendy and Derek Hall

Randi and Ed Halsell

Lauren and Chris Halstedt

Hamick Family

Carrie and Justin Hamilton

Hamilton Family

Sarah and Frank Hamlin

Mary Kirk Hammons

Hamner Family

Handley Family

Haney Family

Lucas and Tiffin Hanna

Casey and Matthew Hanna

Hannagan Family

Cheryl Hannah

Michael and Rhonda Hanrahan

Renee and Noah Hansford

Mark Hardaway Family

Joanne Hardaway

Dana and Jackson Harkey

Harman Family

Harmeling Family

Stephen and Monnie Harper

Nancy and Howell Harralson

Katherine Harrell Family

Drew Harris

Harris Family,

     in memory of Edith Harris

Houston Harris

Christopher and Allyson Harrison

Mary and Darren Hart

Pam and Ray Harty

Penny Baity Harvey

Joshua Tate and Lisa Hasday

Suzy Hastedt

Marilyn Hastings

Leigh Anne Haugh

Martha and Doug Hawthorne

Katie and Scott Head

Kay and Steve Head

Ann Heard-Sakhaee

Blair and Guy Heartfield

Joan and Mike Heflin

Stuart and Erika Hefner

Samantha and Jay Heidbrink

Heikenfeld Family

Cathy and Bill Helmbrecht

Elizabeth and John Helton

Hemphill Family

Janie and Walt Henderson

Carolyn and Courtney Henderson

Lauren and John Hendreson

Hendricks Family

Anne and Nick Hendrix

Henning Family

Kathleen and Laurence Henry

Cheryl and Bill Henry

Barbara and Carl Henry

Hanna and Withers Henson

Beverly and Joe Hickman, parents of

     Acie Hickman,

     in honor of Claudette and Bill Ballard

Hicks Family

Irma Hidalgo Vega

Leith and Frank Higginbottom

Robert D. Higgins

Lista and Rick Hightower

Beverly and Joseph Hill

Terry Hill

Hillesheim Family

Judy and Jeff Hinson

Cristy Hirsh

Shirley and Joseph Ho

Shirley Ho and Saman Jebeli-Javan

Sunny Hodge-Campbell

Hodges Family

Susan and Mason Hogan

Debbie and Stewart Hoge

Carol and John Holden

Holliday Family

Jonathan Hollis

Cynthia and Wendell Holloway

Lauren and Wes Holloway

Malinda Holmes

Judy Holmes

Holmes Family 

Derek and Katie Honea

Hooks Family

Martha and Dan Hooper,

     in memory of Leslie Melson

Laura and Matthew Hornbach

Horner Family

Kim and Ken Horner

Hortenstine Family 

Hosch Family

Peter Houghton

Carter and Ingrid Houghton

Margaret and Robert Houston

Elise and Jeff Howard

David and Meredith Howarth

Kristen and Bill Howell

Howie Family

HPHS Class of 1975

Hsu Family

Hu Family

Isabel Huang and Winston Chan

Mary and John Hubbard

Brad and Jacqueline Hubbard

Sandy Cook Huckabay

Hudes Family

Dr. Marc and Judy Hudes

Elizabeth and William H. Huff

Robin and Chad Hufsey

Ashley and Justin Hughes

Bea and Walt Humann

Austin Hunt Family

Susan and Jim Hunt

Michael and Anne Hyun

Barbara and Tom Ibbotson

Don Iglehart*

Nicholas Imhof and Family

Sherry and Ron Inge

Ingel Family

Amy and Andrew Ingrum

Bay and Bob Innamorati

Irvine Family

Patti Istre

Parents of Sophia Young

Clyde Jackson

Kathy and John Jackson

Brooke and Jeff Jackson

Jackson Family

Joe and Kelle Jackson

Jacobs Family

Katlin and Zach James

Jaudes Family

Kris and Cullum Jefferies

Kathy and Patrick Jenevein

Jamie and Farrah Jennings

Linda Sue Jennings

Amy and Andy Jent

Betsy and Bill Jessiman

Jewell Family

John Family

Amy C. Johns

Johns Family

Barb Johns

Francie and Lance Johnsen

Cele Johnsen

Kurt and Melissa Johnsen

Peter Johnsen

Ginnie (Johansen) Johnson

Lucy Johnson

Ryan and Kristi Johnson

Susan and Emery Johnson

Justin and Libby Johnson

Timothy and Wendy Johnson

Jennifer and Kenneth Johnston

Sally and Ralph C. "Red Dog" Jones

Jones Family

Ray E. Jones

Rebecca McNeely and Chad Jones

Cynthia Jones

Brandon and Katie Jones

Terri Jones

Sally and Charles Jordan

Toby and Will Jordan

Biddie and Lee Roy Jordan

Kaplan Family

Kay Family

Keating Family

Stacey and Stephen Keel

Karen and Russell Keith

Teri and Charles Keller

Jackie and Michael Kelley

Margaret and Doug Kelley

Sally and Terry Kelley

Kathy and Kevin Kelley

Laura and Guy Kellogg

Kelton Family

Patty Bell Kendrick

Spence Kendrick

Kennedy Family

Lynelle and Matt Kennedy

Kerr Family

Tom and Cara

Barbara and Colin Kerwin

Tish and Marvin Key

Benjamin and Aimee Key

Khakpour Family

Kight Family

Lisa and Jeff Kilpatrick

Dotty Kilpatrick

Elisabeth and Thomas Kincaid

Elizabeth and Carter King

Michelle and Chris Kinkaid

Maggie Cooke Kipp

Carinthia Kishaba

Ann and Les Klein

Emily and John Klein

Ginny and Chris Klimko

B.A. and Rodger Kline

Monica and Max Knake

Gail and William Knapp

Katherine and Don Knight

Pattye Knight

Jack Knox

Blythe and Adam Koch

Mark and Amy Koellner

Drs. Sarah and Jun Kong

Susan Watts and Gregory Kozielec

Jong Kim

Annaliese Mann

Krantz Family

Jamie and Trevor Kraus

Maria and Matt Krieger

Kathy and Art Krueger

Krug Family

Kruse Family

Mr. and Mrs. Kudiza

Ruth and Roman Kupchynsky

Kwon Family

Aubrey and John Labanowski

LaCount Family

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lacour, Jr.

Diane and Ray LaCroix

Mary G. Lacy

Laczkowski Family

Jenilee and Andrew Ladd

Laharia Family

Lahiri Family

Suzanne and Don Laidlaw

Lajous Family

Brett and Laurie Lamb

Paul and Sara Lambert

Janis and Robert Lamoreaux

Holly Lanahan

Jennifer and David Lancashire

Lancaster Family

Mary and Larry Lange

Langner Family

Lori and Jay Langston

Mary Pat and Ronald Larsen

Jihong Rioux and Scott Larson

Fran LaSpina

Lisa and Kendall Laughlin

Laughlin Family

Laurie Family

Meghan and Jeff Lawlis

John and Lacy Lawrence

Ann and Sam Lawrence

Hallie and David Lawrence

Holly and Nathan Lawrence 

Michelle and Roee Lazebnik

DSL Construction

Hermine and Richard LeBlanc

Stewart Lee

Ellen and Joseph Lee

Lou and Jeff Lehman

Kris and Don Lehmann

Dorothy Elliott Leidner, PH.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leigh

Lynn and Neel Lemon

Donna and Pete Lempert

JJ and Rebecca Leonard

Leung Tsai Family

Levin Family

Deborah and Max Levy

Elaine and Jack Lewis

Katherine and Scott Lewis

Caleb Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Lewis

Virginia and Don Lewis

Joanna and Matthew Lewis

Lindsay and Andy Lewis 

HPHS Science Team and Math Team

Xiaosong Yan

Beverly Smith Lide

Jing Lin and Yi Liu

Meredith and Kyle Liner

Liston Family

Ivette and Christopher Litchfield

Susan and Tom Little

Jianhui Wang

Liu Family

Mickey and Bill Lively

Denise and Bill Livingstone

Carrie and Geoff Lochausen

Renne and William Lokey

Kathy and Jesse Longhofer

Longino Family

Ross and Elizabeth Longo

Derek and Hayley Louden

Christian and Matt Love

Lowenberg Family

Julie and Michael Lowenberg

Lucia Family

Tiffany and Matt Luedtke

Mrs. Kelly Schoonover Luedtke

Luk Family

Kay and Dennis Lutes

David G. Luther, Jr.

Luthra Family

Lyke Family

David and Hillary Lynch

Mrs. Marianne McEvoy Lynn

Mary and Louis Macey

Eva Patier

Georgie Drumright Madden

Madine Family

Shauna and Brian Madison

Magers Family

Susan Magilow

Mahmud Family

Edward D. Mahon '56

Mariana and Joseph Maldjian

Sadia Malik

Rosa and Damien Mallat

Lisa and Scott Mallonee

Debbie and Craig Malloy

Rachel and Ragen Stienke

Malnory Family

Mr. Jonathan C. Mamula

Mani Family

Martinelli Family

Natalia Martinez Cura and Marco Cura

Merrill Marx

Brooks and Eric Marye

Lana and Phil Marzolino

Jay and Mary Mason

Libba and John Massey

Fran and Mark Matise

Jeff and Tracy Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Matthews

Melody and Ken Mattox

Don and Sam Mauldin

Mary Ellen and Rockne Maxson

Roger and Kathy Maxwell

Mayfield Family

Kathy and Carl Mayhall

Mazur Family

Susan McAdoo

Robert McCaig

Leslie and Rick McCall

Trish and John McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Scott McCarty

McCathern Family

Jill and Bill McClung

Sonya and Robert McCollum,

     in memory of Roger Dreyer

McConn Family

Shawnee and Steve McCord, Sr.

McCoy Family

Charleen and Robert McCulloch

Pleasant and Todd McCulloch

Lissie and Wayne McCullough

Sharon and Mike McCullough

McDaniel-Chernock Family

Keith McDole,

     in memory of Callie McDole

McDonagh Family

Pat McDowell

McElroy Family

Mary Elise and John McGowan

Beth McHaney

Mary Jo and James McKellar

Renee and Jeff McKenney

Barbara and Mike McKenzie

Paula and John McLeod

Lindsay and Matthew McMahan

Abby McMullen 

Joe Pete McNeil

McNeill Family

Susana and Bill McNutt, III,

     in honor of Dr. Skip Moran

Kim and Kurt Meaders

Amy and David Meaney

Ryan and Julie Mearns

Meece Family

Sharon and Marshall Meece

Lauren and John Meindl

Julie and Nate Melihercik

Elizabeth and Patrick Melley

Jennifer and James Melson,

     in memory of Leslie Melson

Larry A. Meltzer

Stan Mendenhall

Menegazzo Family

Marilyn Merkle

Christy and Mark Mesec

Messer Family

Suzanne and Taber Meyers

Meghan Michael

Mrs. Megan Harris Michelson

Ken Mighell

Joseph Milburn Family,

     in memory of Peggy Newman

Zulie and Jeff Miles

Helen Cooper Miller

Sharon and David Miller

David Miller Family

Miller Family

K. Miller

Mary Lee Miller

Hogan Miller

Cynthia and Robert Mills

David Milton Family

Joan Miracle

Josephine and Joe Mitchell

Dr. Bartley Mitchell

Mitzel Family

Chris and Erin Moloney

David Monk Family

Monroe Family 

Judge Sally Lundberg Montgomery

Rebecca and Jeff Montgomery

David, Isaac, Jacob and Rebecca Moon

Ellen R. Moore

Holt Veterinary Clinic

Kristin and Brian Moore

Ashley Moore 

Mark and Beth Moore

Casey and Damon Moore

Ruby and Cliff Moran

Melinda and Skip Moran

Jacki and John Moran

Georgianna and Christopher Moreland

Dianne and Phillip Morgan

Cole and Kelly Morgan

Lee Anne and Jim Morris

Laura Nell and Paul Morrow

Eleanor Fisher Morse

Patricia and Ron Morton

Morton Family

Mary and Frank Mousa

Mueller Family

Mullen Family

Alison and Jason Muncy

Winifred and Will Mundinger

Munoz Family

Roz and Scott Murphy 

Peg Brennan Murphy

Erica Murphy

John Murray Family

Jennifer and Billy Murray

Christine and Gregg Murray

Janna and Tom Muse

Pam and Bob Myers

Dr. and Mrs. Allen Myers

Ryan and Michael Naggar

Samar and Naina Harris

Katherine and Tony Navarra

Navarre Family

Mrs. Meredith Byrd Navarro

Lori and Glenn Neblett

Neilson Family

Jim Neitzel

Nancy and Bill Nelson

Wayne E. Nelson

Cecil Nettle

Pamela and Jim Neubauer

Erika Eyl and Timothy Newell

Newhouse Family

Patsy Curtis Newman

Vicki and Kent Newsom

Newsome Family

Nicholson Family

Joanna Nicodemus

Niessen-Lonergan Family,

     in honor of Mr. Tim Marzoula

Nieuwendyk Family

Liat Niv-Rogozinski and Ron Rogozinski

Nixon Family

Meredith and Ted Noble

Bobbitt Noel

Norvell Family

Elizabeth Norwood

Roberta Novakovic

Julie and Michael Nunez

Jeneta Nwosu

Lauri and Allen Nye

Melbourne and Jamie O'Banion

O'Boyle Family

Alana and Jeff O'Connell

Marcy and Robert O'Connor

Susanna and Van Ogden

Ogden Family

Wendy and Edward Oglesby

Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Olness

Jennifer Ford Olson

Jennifer O'Neal

Connie O'Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Orr, Jr.

Catherine Elizabeth Orr

Kathy and Paul Orsak

Donna and Jeff Osborne

Gabrielle and Luther Ott

Honey and Craig Owens

Tina and Duffy Oyster

Pacholski Family 

Palmer Family

Lauren Bradshaw Palmer

Deanna and Ronald Palmer

Parikh Family

Logan and Amy Passmore

Jasmine Patel

Debby and Dick Patrick

Jane Patten

Caroline and Steven Patterson

Patterson Family

Stacey and Mark Patton

Mr. Nick Patts

Jenna Paul and Chuck Higgins 

Mary Ann Paul

Myca and Christopher Paulsen

Anne and Peter Paulus

Pam and Tom Pearson

Henry Pearson

Linda and Ralph Pease,

     in honor of Jack Pease

Pekar Family

Katie and Bill Pendergast

Amanda and Michael Pendleton

Janie and Kirk Pendleton

Craig Penfold

Perhirin Family 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Peters, Jr.

Beth and Nick Peters

Liz Peterson

Connie Petticrew

Karon and Brad Pettiet

Quynh-Dao and Andrew Phan

Beth and Vann Phillips

Shannon and Todd Phillips

Alisa and Charles Phipps

Anne and Larry Pierce

Donna C. Pierce

Piering Family

Pietruszewski Family

Pietrzak Family

Piland Family

Pincoffs Family

Melanie and Eric Pinker

Pittman Family

Layne and Gavin Pitzer

Helenan and Ed Polansky

Emily Polito and Ryan Davies

Charlene M. Pollan

Robert G. Pollock

Gerry Pondrom

Jeanne and Randy Poole

William Pope

Stella Popham

Pou Family

Mr. and Mrs. Loyd W. Powell, Jr.

Powell Family

Carolyn Power

Powers Family

Lara Poynor-Whitfield and Mark Whitfield

Jennifer and Robert Prather

Irene Pratt

Nancy and Bill Preston

Joanna and Ted Price

Debbie and Buddy Price

Gwen and Gage Prichard

Abby and Sam Pruitt

Nancy Puckett

Pulliam Family

Sherri Pulliam

Purnell Family

Diane and Maury Purnell

Jie and Qi Qiu

Wenli Xu and Meng Qiu

Quigley Family

Susan and Jeff Quigley

Rado Family

Corrie and Sean Rae

Rae Family

Richard Rafferty

Ellen and John Rain

Lutetia and Jack Raley

Mr. and Mrs. David Rambie

Ramo Family

Reva Rao

Madhu Ravella and Ajay Mahajan

Liza and Brett Raynor

Jacob and Katie Rea

Dr. Ray and Millie Read

Stefan and Claire Reddick

Carolyn and Bobby Reed

Mary Claire Richardson

Rachel and David Reed

Karen and Chuck Reeder

Julie and Frank Reedy

Reeves Family

Amy Robilio Reggio

Margot Reid

Reitz Family

Drs. Kyle and Tom Renard,

     in honor of Jean Streepey

Barbara Renfro

Renfrow Family

Lee Ann and Dale Renner

Dona Kathleen Chilton Reddick

Kersten Rettig

Reyes Family

Reynolds Family

Pete and Sarah Reynolds

Megan and James Reynolds

Jocelyn (Sissy) Reynolds

Suzy and Tom Rhodes

Julie and Dan Rhodes

Rice Family

Nicole and Alex Richter

Alicia and Adam Rico

Riggs Family Foundation

Hannah Riley

Patsy M. Roach

Randa and Doug Roach

Sharla and David Roach

Ashley and Blake Robbins

Roberson Family

Nancy Beth and Harry Roberts

Claire Roberts

Lisa and David Roberts

Roberts Family

Robertson Family

Robinson Family

Missy and Steve Robinson

Jeff and Amanda Rockow

Melinda and Norman Rogers

Susan Drake Rogers

Dr. Glenn Rogers

Rogers Family

Barbara and Rodrigo Rojas

Gail and Scott Rolseth

Sarah and Ace Roman

Rome Family

Carrie and Jamey Rosamond

Leslie and Alan Rose

Dr. Greg and Mrs. Jen Roslund

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Roth 

Jim Rowalt

Brielle Rowe

Paul Rowsey Family Charitable Fund

Cathrine Roy

Ruback Family

Betty and Randy Rubenstein

Andrea Truelove and Gary Rubin

Rugg Family

Catherine and Phil Russell

Russell Family

Jennifer H. and Thomas K. Russell

Jason and Rachel Willis

Mrs. Abby Newman Ruth

Rutherford Family

Cynthia Rutledge

Rutledge Family

Missy and John Saalfield

Sacher Family

Erika and Farouk Salim-Gomez

Meg and Richard Salter

Sánchez-Melgarejo Family

Sander Family

Karen and Jim Sargent,

     in honor of Jean Streepey

Mary Ann Ayers-Scalise

Lee and Lou Schaufele


Ryan Schedler Family

Jean and Matthew Schendle

Laura and Chad Schieber

Sabrina and Adam Schiller,

     in honor of Terry Letterman

Barbara and Henry Schlachter

Schlehuber Family

John and Audrey Schmit

Zofia I. Schmit

Mrs. Ruth Jane Hoover Schneider

Teresa and Don Schneider

Rachel B. Schoch

Gail Schoellkopf

Schoenvogel Family

Schopp Family

Schorr Law Firm

Lynne and Tom Schott

Sally A. Schreiber

Marisa and Todd Schroeder

Molly and David Schulte

Jenny and Michael Schultz

Jenni Marks Scoggins,

     in memory of Julie Ann O'Connell

Alisson-Leigh and Luke Scott

Ryan Scripps

Sealy Family

Lynn and John Sears

Kathryn and Michael Selby

Lane Seliger and Kelli Seliger

Isabella Brittingham

Blake Settle

Tulin and Murat Sevil

Nisarg and Nehal Shah

Hafeey Shah

Angela and Allen Shank

Marcia and Don Shannon

Shays Family

Shelburne Family

Sharon Shelby

Priscilla and Steve Shellenberger

Jared and Kathryn Shelton

Jake and Natalia Shelton

Scott and Blaire Sherer

Sherrieb Family

Patty and Tom Shires


Mary J. Shoemaker

Camelia and Ted Shoemaker

Mrs. Nancy Berry Shores

Ashley and Vance Shull

Justin and Laurie Shults

Jennifer Shultz

Shay and Jack Sides

Bill and Sally Siegel

Ji Yang and Daniel Siegwart

Ann and Bobby Silva

Doug Simmons

Simms Family

Shelley and David Simpson

Simpton Family

Melinda and Scott Sims

Singh Family

Patty Singleton

Karli Siscoe

Zora and Bill Skelton

Lisa and Jon Skidmore

Addie and Robby Skinner

Faye and Gary Slater

Anne and Randolph Slaughter

Bettye and Rick Slaven

Jessica and Dan Slaven

Shirley and Frank Sloan

Small Family

Meredith and Claude Smartt

Steven Smathers

Smetko Family 

Jill and Bragg Smith,

     in memory of Sarah “Gigi” Potter Salley '78

Lacy and Keith Smith

David and Waverly Smith

Luellen and Steve Smith

Smith Family

Blayn and Ron Smith

Diana Smith

Adina and Harry Smith,

     in honor of Nicole and Maxson Smith

Karen and Ashton Smith

Christy and Steven Smith

Lauren and Chris Smith

Janey and Buddy Smith

Jeff Smith

Brian K. Smoot,

     in honor of Susan Bailey

Smythe Family

Allan Sneider

Wei Song

Iris Song

Brent Sontag

Kelly and Kris Spears

Tracy Speight and David Arnold

Spence Family

Ann Spillman and Jeff Margolies

Clayton and Kelly Sporich

Eva and David Stalnaker

Tina and Dan Stansbury

Joan L. Stansbury

Stanton Family

Janie Stark

Stark Family

Susan and Oliver Stark

Chris and Tongula Steddum

Diane and Dick Steele

Dina Jones Steele,

     in memory of Linda Raya and Susan Rhoads

Marc Steinberg

Stensrud Family

Stephens Family

Meribeth and Bill Stevens

Beth M. Stevens

Barbie and Tommy Stewart

Tricia and Tom Stewart

Michael Stewart

Barbara and Marc Stewart

Michele and Robert Stiles

Stobaugh Family

Trish and Brian Stone

Storer Family

Carol and Gerry Storey

Josh and Sahar Strange

Jean and Mike Streepey,

     in honor of Laurie Hitzelberger

Drew and John Stull

Suh Family

Eve and Dan Sullivan

Coletta and Jerry Sutterfield

Sutton Family

Swaney Family

Lauren and Stephen Swann

Mary R. Sweet

Claire and Tobin Swope

Diana and Jeff Swope

John Swords

Julie and John Syptak

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bandlamudi 

Matt and Anne Talley

Larry and Ellen Talley

Sarah and Jason Taub

Taubenfeld Family

Taulbee Family

Sally and Ross Taylor

Mindy and Andrew Taylor

Matthew Taylor

Kathleen Taylor

Rebecca Taylor and Joseph Bailey

Cynthia Tedeschi

Maja and David Teeples

Ellen and Howard Templin

Seema Tendolkar and Tamir Segal

Donna Houseman Tenney

Jonathan and Denise Thayer

Robert and Staci Thetford

Valerie and Joel Thomas

molly and chris thomas

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Thomas

Barbara Thomas

Andrew and Lola Thomas

Mr. Jere W. Thompson,

     in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Huddleston

John P. Thompson, Jr. Family

Sheridan and John Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. Thompson,

     in honor of Natalie A. Hubert

Priscilla Thornsbury and Michael Gluckman

Neely and Trent Thrash

Tiffany Family

Till Family

Liz and Yair Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tollett

Kathy and Neill Touchstone

David and Emily Touchstone

Toups Family

Betsy Toups

Peyton Townsend

Treaster Family

Donna R. Trent

Diana and Gerardo Trillo

Kelly and Carol Trimmer

Trivedi Family

Cathy and John True

Kay True

Scott Trulock and Jen Sowders

Margaret Trulock

Shirling Tsai and James Ho

Tsuei Family

Glenn and Jennifer Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner,

     in honor of Josh Shilling

Meredith and Mike Turner

Turpin Family

Tyler Family

Betsy T. Buzzini

Priscilla Underwood

Susan B. Underwood

Bren and Charles Underwood

John and Stacey Underwood

Betty and Steve Ungerman

Julie Ungerman/Joan Ungerman

Drew Ungerman

Dianna and Thomas Unis

Carol Carter Utkov and Gary Utkov

Melissa and Steve Utley

Vaid Family

Laura and Alexander van Veldhoven

Wendy and John Vandermeer

Mimi and Bill Vanderstraaten

Allison Vanderwoude,

     in memory of Dan Vanderwoude

Ryan and Kyli Vardeman

Beverly Vaughan

Lakshmi Vemula

Lee D. Vendig,

     in memory of Glenn Turner

Dorothy and Robert Verhalen

Paul and Kris Viguerie

James and Mona Vineyard

Elena Vinogradov and Alexander Ivanishev

Kathryn and Richard Voreis

Paula and Gordon Wagner

Sara and Mike Wagner

Walden Family

Waldron Family

Beth and Jay Walker

Jim and Kerry Walker

John and Becca Wallace

Brenda and John Wallingford

Dawna and John Walsh

Walsh Family

Walters Family

Walters Family

Vivian Ma and Di Wang

Lin Wang

Charlya and Mike Ward

Ward Family

Whitney and Michael Ward

Diana and Charles Waring

Roy Washburn

Sameer Wasson and Vaidehi Natu

Kelly and Bob Waterman

Courtney Watkins

Susie and Packy Watson

McMurrey Watters Family,

     in memory of John Andrew Watters

Weathersby Family

Linda and Huel Weaver

Wanda and Gary Webb

Joan Webb

Webb Family

Betsy and Bill Weber

Weber Family

Barb and Gerald Weckman

Wegman Family

Weinand Family

Weinstein Family

Herbert Weitzman

Wells Family

Judy and Steve Wells

Janis and Dennis Wells

Neil and Nancy West

James P. Westbrook

Chris and Nancy Westphal

Jane Wetzel

Cheri and Rob Weyman

Trey and Jamie Whatley

Becky and Bill White

White/Gaffey Family

Matt and Stacey White

Traci and J. Caperton White

Whitworth Family

Wickard Family

Anne Wicks and Michael Humphrey

Elizabeth and Gary Wicks

Wiebe Family

Wightman Family

Darlea and Grant Wilbeck

Diane Pou Wilcox - Wings to Soar

Wiles Family

Paul and Diane Peavy Willley

Caroline and Ches Williams

Ann L. Williams

Colleen and James Williams

Mr. and Mrs. James Williams,

     in honor of Charlya Grace Williams

Mr. and Mrs. K. Williams

Jeff and Claudia Williams

Rachel and Brad Williams

Laura Williamson

Diane T. Williamson

Roberta Williamson

Jane and Clark Willingham

Jill and Chris Willis

Willison Family

Tiffa and Bill Wilshusen

Susan and Ed Wilson,

     in memory of Mary Goodloe

Wilson Family

Mary and Will Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wilson

Cynthia and Roland Ouellette

Will Wilson Family 

Winandy Family

Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Wingert

Zazelle and Richard Wingo

Carolyn Wittenbraker/Arkay Foundation

Wittorf Family

Robert Wohlfeld

Womack Family

Stacey and Trey Wood

Kim and Frank Woosley

Worrel Family

Samantha and Phil Wortley

Wortman Family

Lois Wrangle

Laurie and Stan Wright

Araceli and Harold Wright

Wu Family

Wu Family

Matt and Tiffany Wyatt

Kara and Robert Wyatt

Jon and Kay Wyma

Xiao Family

Ru Xie and Youxing Jiang

Xing Family

Karen and Scott Yaguchi

Mrs. Yang and Mr. Zhang Yan

Ali and Carson Yeager

Yeaman Family 

Tong Yi

Coler and Erin Yoakam

Yoon Family

Polly and Gerry York

Karen and Red Dog Young

Lillie Young

Shengnan Li and Hongjin Yu

Vicki and William Yung

Peggy and Richard Zadina

Angela and Scott Zashin

Lauren and Andrew Zeitman

Courtney and Derek Zelazny

Zelley Family

Yuemeng Dai

Alfred Zevallos

Xiao Yong Zhang

Sherry Zhang

Wendy Zhao

Eric Zhao

* Recognized posthumously

List includes gifts received through May 31, 2022

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